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Healing – An Introduction

Healing – An Introduction

There is no doubt that Jesus was the greatest healer that walked this earth. Looking at the life of Jesus (in the Gospels) gives us great insights into the issue of healing. Moreover, expanding these insights into the rest of the Bible narrative opens our vision even more on the subject.

The New Testament was written in Aramaic Greek, and in that language two words are used that are translated into “healing” in our English: iaomai and sozo. Both words mean “to be made whole”.

The concept of healing at the time of Christ is very difficult to grasp. Today if you have a physical problem (a headache, for example, that doesn’t go away), you go to a physician. If there is a mental or emotional problem (a depression, for example), you go to a psychologist. For a spiritual problem, you would go to a pastor. We partition the problem and healing. In reality, there is no partitioning and Jesus knew this. There is only one person there, custom-designed by God.

The Greek word that is translated as “salvation” in the Bible is soteria, and means “to rescue”. God steps in to rescue is from sin if we are willing to accept Him. Since sickness and death entered the world with sin through that Garden event, this salvation is an integral part of the healing experience. Jesus always was acting to bring wholeness and salvation. The two are integrally related.

Some years ago at a prayer conference in the Seattle area I got violently sick with something like food poisoning – even though I had been fasting and praying going into the conference. Back from the conference, I felt well but called my doctor. From what I described, he made it clear it was not physical and that I should check in with his small prayer group. I thanked him – I had my own prayer group. I then checked with my counselor. She told me Seattle was where my wife had her bone marrow transplant a few years earlier. I noticed after that that every time I traveled to Seattle, I got sick. My next trip was to my pastor, who did more discernment and prayed for me – a very heavy prayer. There was definitely spiritual warfare going on here, and I had to understand all aspects of the healing. The pastor’s prayer resolved everything and released the bindings. I have never had any problem with Seattle trips since then, and moreover they have become trips of celebration and praise. Reminds me of Daniel’s story in Daniel 10 and the vision of the Glorious Man. Why was Daniel’s visitor delayed? Why was Daniel graced with the visitor (verse 12 – two reasons)? Most Christians I know don’t even know there is a war going on. Or that they are supposed to be in it.