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The purpose of time is to keep everything from happening all at once.
It’s not working.

Jim Paradis

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Praying the Reality Into Existence

We are working with God to determine the future. Certain things will happen in history if we pray rightly.
Richard Foster

Prayer is the great mystery. If God is all powerful, why did He let my wife die? Why weren’t my prayers answered? Why have I lost some of my best friends and mentors to cancer and other horrible diseases?

Here is a God who can do anything. He is all-powerful and now has ultimate authority on earth. He can speak the word and the universe is created. He can raise Lazarus from the dead. Why does God need our help? Why, in fact, did He even need to create me? Or you? Of what use are our prayers to a self-sufficient God? And if God really loves us, why do some prayers seem to go unanswered? Or if the unanswered prayer is an illusion, what is the reality of prayer?

In Ezekiel 22:30-31 we find an amazing verse:

“So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one. Therefore I have poured out My indignation on them; I have consumed them with the fire of My wrath; and I have recompensed their deeds on their own heads,” says the Lord GOD.

In this verse we see that an all-powerful self-sufficient God is saying He will destroy a nation and execute judgment unless one man stands in the gap between the nation and God and prays, petitioning for the saving of the land. God wants to save the nation but will execute the judgment unless one intercessor stands and prays for the land. God leaves Himself totally dependent on the prayers of one man.

Here is another example of one man saving a nation:

Fed up, God decided to get rid of them—
and except for Moses, his chosen, he would have.
But Moses stood in the gap and deflected God’s anger,
prevented it from destroying them utterly.

Psalms 106:23 THE MESSAGE

Why did an omnipotent God set up a system that depends on us?

God’s problem is not that God is unable to do certain things. God’s problem is that God loves. Love complicates the life of God as it complicates every life.
John Douglas Hall

Now that is a challenge, isn’t it? The Israelite nation, under the prayers of one man, Nehemiah, experienced a spiritual transformation that changed everything in only 52 days. That can happen in America. But what did it cost Nehemiah? Remember, he spend four months fasting and praying before taking even the first step beyond the prayer and fasting.

It is time for the Church in America to wake up.

from Beyond Illusion, Leading from Reality by Carl Townsend. Copyright 2013. (Yes, you can share this. Please do.)

Prepare for the Election

As we approach the election, I realize this is probably the most important election in my lifetime. It may or may not be the most important election in the history of the United States(1), but this is a biggie.

Be sure you are registered to vote.

Study the voting guides

Know your candidates. If possible, meet them face-to-face and ask them specific questions about your concerns.






Pray for the candidates, pray for your decisions, verbalize to others what you expect in a candidate and encourage others to register and vote.

Know the issues you will be voting on.

I will have a follow-up posting here soon that defines the issues on the November ballot and how to make your decision on these.

Encourage others to vote.

Post information on Facebook or your website for others in your state about registration deadlines and where they can get more information.

“People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. Of course, that is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote – a very different thing.”
-Walter H. Judd



  1. I would say the most important American election was the one that elected Abraham Lincoln. His primary challenge was to hold the Union together.

Awakenings in America – V | Today | Praying

(This is the fifth posting of a series of Awakenings in America from Carl’s book, Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality. )

This is toward the end of a week of prayer here in Portland for the coming election. Part of this is the need to pray that we make the right decisions on November 6. Register if you are eligible to vote – there is still time.

First, you must believe that spiritual awakening in America is possible. It has happened in America, multiple times. It has happened in my own city of Portland – more than once. Today a Transformation NW Conference is praying in downtown Portland. In the Biblical story, the Israelites were not allowed to enter the promised land at first because they did not believe. That generation died in the wilderness. God is waiting for us to step up and go in.

Next, there must be a burden. Nehemiah in that first chapter is not praying to build that wall. The wall isn’t even mentioned. What was he praying for? For finding your own heart and burden, start by reading the prayers of Ezra (Ezra 9), Daniel (Daniel 9-10), and Nehemiah (Nehemiah 1). Realize they were praying for a nation that looked much like America today. Look at these questions:

    What is common with their prayers?
    What was the burden that each had?
    What was their own heart condition?
    Who do they blame for the condition they are in?
    What are they asking God for?
    Did God answer their prayer?
    If so, why do you think God answered their prayer?

    Work these questions in your journal. Dialog on them in your small groups.

© 2012 istockphoto

It takes prayer – lots of it, 24/7. Can you pray like this men? (And I’m not leaving women out here. There are strongholds Godly women can bring down than men cannot.) God isn’t asleep. Nehemiah was praying so hard that he wasn’t eating, and the King noticed it.

Today, these fires of transformation are already starting to burn all over the world. Cities and even regions are being totally transformed. And what is remarkable is that in a given area it seems to always begins with one or two people praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit. And I don’t mean a little chit-chat type prayer. These apostolic leaders today —are on their knees and praying 24/7 for this visitation. Weeping. Their hearts are torn and broken for this visitation and Place that is lost. And then the Awakening comes.

George Otis, Jr. has traveled the world documenting where spiritual fires have already broken loose and has identified hundreds of cities and regions where this has happened (http://www.sentinelgroup.org). Otis says that there are a very few factors that are always there when the fire comes. One of these is prayer. When the spiritual fires broke in Portland with the 1992 Billy Graham Crusade here, a reporter asked Graham afterward what were the key factors that led to this. Graham’s reply was simple:
“The first was prayer.”
Then he paused a moment.
“The second was prayer.”
and finally,
“The third was prayer.

He was right A small group of visionaries (John Knoxers, we called them) led Portland through years of prayer before the fires ignited in 1992. And then there was John G. Lake in the 1920’s. And the Methodists here at the beginning of the last century.

That brings us to the next point: In all of the transformed cities and regions that Otis studied, the awakening started from one one or two people. These were ” John Knoxers” that said “Give me this city or I die.” And in some cases, Otis will tell you, you have a martyr that became the eventual final trigger for the awakening. (
Go wiki John Knox and see what he did back when.) Incidentally, both John Knox and John G. Lake spent time in prison. People were afraid of the power.
John G. Lake was raising people from the dead. They had to shut down a hospital in Spokane, documenting that Lake healed over 100,000 people there. The U.S. Surgeon General at the time said Spokane was the healthiest city in the country due to his ministry.

And there is another key issue. Perseverance.
Transformation can take awhile. God has eternity and stands outside of time. He is waiting on us. Remember when the Israelites started returning and they began rebuilding the temple, they got discouraged and stopped for awhile. The Enemy will try anything to stop the awakening. We have to be ready and be willing to risk anything to see it happen.

Another factor is almost certainly to play a major part in the next awakening. Just as the Gutenberg Press had a major part in the Reformation in terms of making the Bible available to be read by anyone, The Internet is almost certain to play a major part in the next awakening. The growing influence of social networking and the energy and influence that can spread quickly through the culture provides for a true democracy if we are willing to understand and use the technology in the right way. Nothing will happen, however, unless Christians are will to engage at full power of this network for the Kingdom Enterprise. That means using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, personal and corporate websites and their blogs. That’s where I ministry is today – helping people with this. (Contact us if you need help on this, or donate on the
About menu of this site.)

Spiritual mapping (seeing how God has worked and is working in an area, and understanding where the Enemy has bindings) is also a key part for those serious about seeing the awakening. Those friends of Nehemiah that came to him with their data had hard proof that Jerusalem was in ruins. Bob Becket, a pastor in Hemet, California, said he had prayer warriors praying for years for revival there and they stopped after they thought nothing was happening. But it was happening. If they had done their spiritual mapping, they would have known that the mapping would have shown them that their community was changing, transformation was starting to take place.

(Order Carl’s book Beyond Illusion, leading from Reality

Oh, that this would happen in America (Click and watch at full-screen.)
World Prayer Association, August, 2012


Circuit Court Judge is Afraid of Prayer

Although stopping the prayer is illegal based on the Bill of Rights, they are so afraid of the power of prayer that they ruled against it anyway.
(Please repost this with the name of the judge so we can pray for his or her salvation.)
No one is free when they live in fear. What does the judge fear?

Leadership with No Easy Answers

Leadership through command and control is doomed to fail. No one can create sufficient stability and equilibrium for people to feel secure and safe. Instead, as leaders we must help people move into a relationship with uncertainty and chaos. Spiritual teachers have been doing this for millennia. Therefore, I believe that the times have led leaders to a spiritual threshold. We must enter the domain of spiritual traditions if we are to succeed as good leaders in these difficult times.
Margaret Wheatley, Leadership in Turbulent Times is Spiritual

I’ve been doing a lot of study of the book of Habakkuk lately. John Maxwell, in his The Maxwell Leadership Bible, calls this book of Habakkuk “Leadership with no easy answers”. The very first verse of the first chapter begins:

The burden which the prophet Habakkuk saw.

I have two words circled in my Bible: “saw” and “burden”. What did Habakkuk see? The following verses describe a nation much as America today. Habakkuk then hurls three questions at God. In the first question, he is asking if this is a chosen (or “Christian”) nation, why is all this going on? Where are You in all this? The wicked surround the righteous. Justice never goes forth, and there is strive and contention.

The Lord answers Habakkuk, and the answer is shocking. The Northern Kingdom has already been taken away, and the Lord tells Habakkuk that the Southern Kingdom will be taken away by another nation that is far more wicked than Israel itself.

Habakkuk then asks God what is going on. Do you really know what you are doing here?” (Maxwell) In Habakkuk’s second and third questions, he expresses his confusion to God and is asking how this can possibility be right.

Ever been there in your own life? If God is good and loves you, why would he take that spouse, or that child, or leave you jobless?

What does Habakkuk do? As the second chapter begins, we see that Habakkuk says he will “stand his watch and wait to see what God will do. And watch to see what He will say to me…”

Habakkuh says he will wait. Sometimes the hardest thing for a leader to do is wait. I remember after the Billy Graham crusade here meeting Bob Crider, a local evangelist, in a local restaurant. I knew he was involved in the local and massive prayer summits at the coast where hundreds of pastors gathered at times to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit in Portland. I asked him when the pastors would begin acting, moving beyond the prayer. His answer touched me deeply. “Carl,” he said, “we must wait for the Lord to speak.” It’s hard for a leader to wait.

Habakkuk waited, but it was an active waiting. The word “watch” is used twice in the verse, and a different Hebrew word is used each time. When he says “I will stand my watch”, the word refers to the role or functional gift of the watchman. Ephesians 4 describes the five-fold functional gifts of the Holy Spirit, and here is another functional gift. The watchman stationed himself on the walls of the city and watched 24/7 for what was going on outside the city.

The second time the word “watch” is used, it refers to a motivational gifting (1 Cor 12). It translates as to lean forward, to peer into the distance. It’s an intentional action birthed from passion.

The Lord answers Habakkuk, and the answer is in the second chapter. He is to write the vision on a billboard, so that anyone reading can read it even if they are running. THE JUST WILL LIVE BY FAITH. The third chapter is a prayer of praise and becomes a worship experience on the part of Habakkuk. The concluding verse (and I love it):

The LORD God is Carl’s strength;
He will make Carl’s feet like deer’s feet,
And He will make Carl walk on Carl’s high places.

Several lessons we can learn from this:

  • The healing was birthed from Habakkuk intimacy with God. The for for God used throughout the book is LORD, which translates as Yahweh, the intimate name for a God who is loved, loves, and is love.
  • Habakkuk was a praying leader. We must be praying leaders.
  • We must wait for our answer, but expect it.
  • The action is birthed from a burden, a passion.
  • It’s OK to ask God questions.
  • The greatest leadership principle here is trust. Habakkuk knew he wasn’t in control.

What other lessons do you see?

What did the Queen of Scotland Fear More than the Armies of England?

I fear the prayers of John Knox more than all the armies of England
Queen of Scotland

John Knox

Joihn Knox

John Knox was a Scottish clergyman and leader of the Protestant Reformation who brought reformation to the church in Scotland. Imprisoned during the late 1540’s for supporting the Protestant Reformation in Scotland, Knox prayed daily, “Lord, give me Scotland, or I die”. By the time he died in 1572, Scotland had been transformed and the Scottish Parliament had adopted the Reformation doctrines. Some of the first missionaries to America were from Scotland.

Throughout history, there have always been leaders who emerge in cities and regions, take the leadership in praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit, and claim their city or region for the Lord. We often look to these men and women as “John Knoxers” – willing to risk everything, including their life, on the line. I think of Julio Cesar Ruibal in Cali, Columbia, who died as a martyr as he rallied the churches there to take the lead together against the drug lords. There is the story of John Woolman, who let the Quakers to free their slaves years before the rest of the country. I can think of the “John Knoxers” who have led in my own city of Portland – Dr. Joe Aldredge, Terry Dirks – that had a contagious passion and could talk of almost nothing else but seeing our city swept by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What about you? What is your passion? What do you pray for?

What is our greatest peril?

“Our greatest peril is not the power of the enemy, but our own prayerlessness.” Ronshausen

Carl took some badly needed R&R with a friend at a resort in Tahoe last week. Loved it. You can see the pics at:


Guidelines for Strategic Prayer

  • Pray to discern God’s vision.The prayer warrior is like a watchman/woman, seeing what God is doing projected in the future. (See 2 Samuel 18:24-26 for an example of the watchman role. The watchman here saw things the rest of the people could not see yet, yet they had already happened. He seems as a prophet for that reason.)
  • Pray strategically into the vision. Since the warrior has already seen what is going to happen, the strategic prayer is like a sword or arrow into the heart of the enemy (Isaiah 49:1-2)
  • Believe in the vision and act on it as if it is already going to happen. You are not so much praying “if it is your will”; but rather discerning God’s will and praying it into existence. Strategic prayer is the only way we can move the finger of God (Numbers 14:10ff). Wow! It appears the prayers of ONE man saved an entire nation. The reason this was possible was because Moses knew God’s agenda and could pray and act into it. Look at the Model Prayer – “Your will be done on earth as it is already done in heaven…”. This is not so much a petition as a demand in the name of Christ and in His authority.
  • Encourage feedback from those for whom you pray. This enables others to gain encouragement from the answers to your prayers, to praise God for what He is doing, and get better clarity on His vision, purpose, and strategy.
  • Praise God for answered prayers. Share what God is doing with others. Sing about it. In this way you enable others to launch strategic prayers into the visions God gives them. The Enemy hates praise music and will leave. Dance. Celebrate.
  • Secure your information. What you see, pray, and act on is very strategic. Treat it that way. Don’t necessarily share it with others unless directed by God. DO share what God is doing.
    Have intercessory prayer warriors praying for you. Praying strategic prayer puts you on the front line. It puts those praying for you on the front line of danger. Soldiers that on the front line are in a dangerous position and some will fall. It’s also the most exciting place to be.