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Oregon not good for business

Melissa vrs Oregon

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I had a wonderful prayer time at my church last Sunday with Aaron and Melissa Klein. The couple is in the middle of a lawsuit in which their bakery is fined by the state (i.e., Brad Avakian) that is trying to steal their business, home, and freedom. About 50 of us were there . Wake up, church!! Fight to restore America. Don’t start a business in Oregon – the state does not honor the Constitution.

Getting Your Message Through Part 1- Carl Townsend

megaphoneIf your are serious about God’s call on your life, God will give you  a burden, a message. You then begin to respond that call and call other people to join you in terms of that call God is placing on your heart. That is your message. There are many ways to get your message out: social media, a blog, magazine articles, authoring/publishing a book, speaking, singing. and more.  How you share is important, but also here are some issues common to all of these.

  1. Who shares your message? Identify, in contemporary language, who is your tribe? Who also owns the same message? This “tribe” defines others you know that share your burden and message. This identifies your tribe and may exist within your current church, a viral church, your network of churches, or you may need to create your own “Church”. One major pastor shared with me as I left for a new job: “Stay with the vision God gives you, even if it costs your your life. Join a church that affirms that vision. If  you cant find it,, build it yourself with others that share it. As an example, back in the eighties Dr. Joe Aldrich began sounding a message that he wanted to see one city or region anywhere totally transformed by the Power of the Holy Spirit. By the early nineties, George Otis, Jr. had identified a dozen cities in the world where that was already happening.  His Sentinel group published the video story of four of these cities on  a DVD. Last time I talked with Otis, he had identified some 250 cities or regions worldwide, with fires started in some 500 more as this grows. This didn’t make your local newspaper, did it? In my own city. Dr. Joe identified those pastors who wished to see this locally and called them to prayer. We had a database of 1800 churches in our four-county area. In the Christian language, you define the harvest force.
  2. Define your audience very specifically. The “audience” defines those whom God wishes to hear your specific message. To use the Internet, which is very inexpensive, you need to aim at a very specific audience. This is very different from traditional advertising, which casts its net to a very broad audience to get a few people within it taking action. Your audience should be a group of people you are naturally called to. In the Christian language, this is your harvest field.
  3. Define your message. What is your specific message to your audience? What is your burden and passion? In Chapter 1 of Nehemiah, what was Nehemiah’s burden and passion? It was not building a wall. This wall isn’t even mentioned in the first chapter. For example, it might be “Restore America” or “Transformation of America” as the message. Your message should be one that your audience can understand and relate to their heart -need.
  4. Add value to the vision of your audience. For this you need to know the need of your audience. This is heart question. What is the heart of your audience? Now you need to communicate your message in terms of the heart need. With Nehemiah, the heart need was security. Jerusalem, or what was left of it was destroyed and they were surrounded by enemies. Nehemiah was going to address that by building the wall. Their real need was a unity and oneness and spiritual recovery.  He spoke to that by leading them in building the wall. The wall was the vehicle for the real need. Some years ago in Portland we had discovered using powerful mapping tools a Hispanic community without a church and needing one. Their want was ESL classes to learn English so they could get jobs. We started by addressing their need. We can confuse needs and wants if we are not careful. Define each for your audience, then add value.
  5. Define the warfare. What is keeping you from carrying your message forward? Finances? time? education? health? depression? Define your counter strategies for each. If the Lord wants you to deliver this message, He will provide a way if you commit. You’re the “postman”. Your job is to deliver the mail, not fight the dogs.
  6. Go personal. When younger I, like others, kept a journal (still do). I’d  get upset if anyone read it.  Now I journal on Facebook. So does a lot of my tribe. And I want you to read it. The personal posts that I do get read  the most, and are also shared the most.  If you want your posts to go viral, getting your readers to share you is essential. Don’t use Truth to beat others. Build relationships in trust and love.
  7. Evaluate. Make sure you have some type of feedback system to measure your on-going success.

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The Promise of the Dream

What did the dream mean? It was the late eighties, and after church on Sunday someone approached me. There was a visitor there that Sunday, my friend said, and he wanted someone to help him with a dream he had and my friend wondered if I could interpret it for him. I said I would try.

The young man was a brilliant engineer working with ATI, a major company that makes video boards for computers. He was involved in designing their video board for the next generation of computers. His job was to shuttle back and forth each week between Microsoft in Seattle and Intel here in Portland working on the design for that video board.

“Carl,” he said, “I had this dream. In this dream I’m driving from Portland up to Seattle. As I approached the city, there was a dark, dark cloud hanging over Seattle. Then the dream shifted and the next week I’m driving down to Intel in Portland.  As I approached the city, however, there was no dark cloud over Portland. Only sunshine. What does that dream mean?”

“I think I know”, I said, “I think it is a prophecy, a promise. I would like to check this with someone first.”

A few days later I am sitting in the office of Terry Dirks. Those of you who lived in Portland then probably remember Terry. A real giant in the faith. Dr. Joe was the visionary. Terry was his right hand that made the vision happen. Terry was the one that started the International Prayer Initiative here that soon let to that that spiritual tornado that swept Portland in 1992 that led to some 30,000 decisions for the Lord.


Tornado –

As I sat in Terry’s office, I shared this engineer’s dream with him.

“What do you think it means?” I asked.

Terry looked at me and then began sharing in that wonderful way that was always pregnant with grace.

“Carl, I’ve heard that dream story over and over again from others. It is always the same. Except there is one difference in the story now from the earlier versions.”


“In the earlier versions of the story, there use to be a dark cloud over Portland. It is not there now in these dreams.”

About the same time, one of my former pastors traveled out to the Northwest to lead a conference east of Seattle. I went up to the conference to meet him. To be honest, he was one of the best pastors I have ever have had. I thought it strange he was here, as God had so blessed his church that he was in major demand as a speaker;  yet he almost always turned invitations down. He said was called as a shepherd to his church,  and that was really his job. If you wanted to know what was really going on in his church, intern there. And people did. Why was he doing this conference here in the Northwest?

At one point I took an associate pastor with him aside and asked him that very question. Why did Gordon Cosby from Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC come to the Northwest? The associate looked  at me and said three sentences that still burn in my mind.

“Gordon believes revival will break in America. He believes it will begin in the Northwest. He wants to be here when it happens.”

Gordon made two more trips to the Northwest and I was with him on all of them. Last I heard, he was retired.

I believe there is a promise there from God. He is going to do something in America, and He wants to begin in the Northwest. He wants us to be a part of it. He wants you to be a part of it. There’s a spiritual tornado coming if we are passionate enough to pray for that promise.

(Part II of this post coming VERY soon.)






Suzanne Bonamicis or Rob Cornilles?

On the local political scene, I was mad at the Democrats last November for cloaking the information about Wu and for The Oregonian for failing to identify Wu’s problems to the voters. Now the Democrats with Bonamici want to spend, spend, spend – even raising my taxes to do it. I know people want to keep Portland weird, but it seems more like the voters are sick, not weird, if they go that way. Now she’s attacking Cornilles, as she lacks any serious and workable vision. I’ve met Cornilles and his wife as was very impressed with his vision. He’s taken kids that were pretty messed up and trained them for successful work and values, then released them to real jobs. He has strong family values.

The nest question is – how long could Cornilles stay there if elected? I am pretty much ready to send everyone home at the national level (except Gabby). Cornilles would have to stand up to stop the reckless spending, speak into the corruption naming names, and hold the next President accountable. As a freshman there, can he do that? I know Bonamici can’t do it.

For the inside scoop on Suzanne Bonamici, see: http://oregoncatalyst.com/14166-suzanne-bonamicis-role-conspiracy-silence-protect-david-wu.html

I don’t agree with Cornilles on a lot of issues, but the Bonamici is not the answer.

It is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.

John Adams

Not only do the liberals endorse immoral values, they are cramming one socialistic policy after another down the throat of the majority.
Russ Newman

Is God Working in Portland?

Back from LA last weekend and trying to catch up on things. The local Christian newspaper, Christian News Northwest, has an article in the March issue I wrote. It’s about some of what I saw in the early nineties when the local pastors came together, praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit in our area. It was really an awesome time. This Saturday a local television station is interviewing me to discuss more of what I saw and my insights.What have you seen of what the Holy Spirit is doing in Portland today? Where have you seen a miracle today?

Indian Wanting Coffee

Indian Wanting Coffee: An Indian walks into a cafe with a shotgunIn one hand pulling a male buffalo with the other.He says to the waiter:“Want coffee.”The waiter says, “Sure, Chief. Coming right up.”He gets the Indian a tall mug of coffee…..The Indian drinks the coffee down in one gulp,Turns and blasts the buffalo with the shotgun,Causing parts of the animal to splatter everywhere and then just walks out.The next morning the Indian returns.He has his shotgun in one hand, pullingAnother male buffalo with the other.He walks up to the counter and says toThe waiter:“Want coffee.”The waiter says, “Whoa, Tonto!We’re still cleaning up your mess from yesterday.What was all that about, anyway?”The Indian smiles and proudly says,“Training for position in United States Congress:Come in, drink coffee, shoot the bull,Leave mess for others to clean up,Disappear for rest of day.”VOTE ‘EM ALL OUT!