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Restoring America -Carl Townsend

“Paralysis (masquerading as “confusion”) haunts every man when a looming decision will require a lot of us.”
John Eldredge

Restoring America

Founding Fathers

I want to see American restored. Like Nehemiah, I share a deep pain for my country (America) that has lost its way – no visioon, no passion, no leadership, no freedom, and no security. It hurts. There is a deep, deep burden there to see the America again for which those early forefathers bought with, sometimes, their lives.

In this lostness I see two churches. One is a church that tries to adapt to a dying culture and paradigm. This church, as in Germany before World War II, is experiencing a slow death in America. The members hardly recognize their dying and they continue to do what they’ve always done as the nation continues to fall, trying to adept to a failing culture. This is the cultural church.

The other is the confessional church. This Church sees there is a war, a spiritual war. They move to the front line, risking everything. Like Nehemiah, they take on the burden, the pain. We see Nehemiah praying and fasting for 40 days, asking God to forgive him and the nation. In World War II Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a part of this Church.

So I asked God what this meant for me.

I felt led to begin a multi-book Christian fictional novel that shows a path to national rebirth.

The story follows the strategies identified by George Otis (see his Informed Intercession: Transforming Your Community Through Spiritual Mapping and Strategic Prayer) where Otis found total transformation (spiritual, political, economic, healing, agricultural) had already started in certain cities and regions. The key components that were always there in each story included persevering leadership, fervent, united prayer, and often power encounters, diagnostic research and spiritual mapping. The basic problem today lies not with a particular person or political party, but rather is spiritual. There is a real war going on, and God calls you to be a part of it.

I started by defining some aspects of this story in the novel. In the first book of the series, the leadership is established.

The story is positive, uplifting, and exciting. You see hope and faith. The bad guys don’t stand a chance. God is in charge and this Church is committed to God’s authority.

  • The story has mystery, adventure, romance, risk, suspense.
  • It’s a heart story. Lots of hearts, romance, and love.
  • It is a VERY positive story full of hope and faith. The bad guys are out of the WH and Congress by the end of the first book. From that there is a lot of healing to do.
  • The conflict is real. We almost lose our protagonists at times. The actions of the bad guys, however, don’t dominate the story line. The story is driven from the characters and their relationships.
  • The story is biblically-based.
  • The plot line and story is believable. It is built from the stories of what God has done in my life and the lives of others. Sure, there are miracles, but no magic hat tricks.
  • Lots of music. Music is one of the only activities that activates, stimulates, and uses the entire brain. Book 2, in particular, has even more than Book 1. Dancers as well. It is no accident that Psalms is the longest book in the Bible.
  • There is overt and some direct evangelism in the story.
  • The story is highly mythic. The story begins with a lone young man striking out on a desolate wilderness trail to find a spiritual community he has heard about. The wilderness is not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual. In the second chapter there is a mist, a river, and more. All are mythic symbols. At the beginning our young man is frustrated, unable to change anything from his cultural church. In the second chapter he is frustrated, lost in a mist (another symbol), and has fallen on the ground and lying in the trail. He can hear the river (another symbol) and struggles to find the water he needs. It is at this point he meets the confessional Church.

You see all of these in Book 1. An early copy of my first chapter is online and free here. (The map in the chapter can be blown up on the PC using Shift-Ctrl buttons on the keyboard & mouse), the entire book is at Amazon.com. I’m working on Book 2 now. It is really fun.

Get involved – Let’s restore America

Book 1, Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero is already out and and can be ordered from Amazon.com:

Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero (PB)- $11.00 by Carl Townsend More information (“fiction”)
First book in a fictional novel series about what happens in America when then the Nehemiah strategies are applied.

Read the First Chapter Free

Here is Carl’s book on the Nehemiah story:

Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality – $18.86 by Carl Townsend (PB) (Non-fiction)
Carl in this book tells the story of Nehemiah. The nation was without vision, passion, or security.. Sounds like America today! He turned the nation completely around in 52 days. At the same time he faced internal and external warfare.

 What”s Next?

Carl is hard at work on Book 2 in the Breaking Light series. The working title is Breaking Light: The Healing of the Hearts. Don’t expect a lot of political games as the new President begins his term. He is far, far more interested in seeing healing and being a catalyst for healing. Lots more music. The President is shifting leadership to the people and making the government smaller and less visible. Also you will discover the back story of the first book made visible in Book 2.

Restoring America, Christians, Muslims and the Mirror Turtle Ant

Muslims and the Mirror Turtle AntIn the woodlands of Brazil you can find clusters of black ants of the lower branches of the trees. Stick your finger in one of these clusters you will get a shot of stinging venom from them. The black ants ants are very aggressive. Insects that stumble into their turf are seized and dismembered.

Yet scrambling among these aggressive ants that will attack to the death is a group of parasitic imposters that go undetected. These mirror turtle ants infiltrate the host’s marching army in disguise. They steal the host’s food and escape without harm.  The mirror ant’s behavior is defining a new type of social parasitism, defined as an interaction when one society exploits the social mechanisms of another. The mirror ants build their nest inches away from the well-guarded site of the host. The host ants travel by the thousands on their “highway”, marking it with the chemical pheromones to communicate with each other. During high-traffic times, the mirror turtle parasite ants emerge from their nest and merge into the high-speed traffic of the host ants. They disguise themselves by matching the speed, arched bodies, and stilt-leg posture of the host ants. They follow the chemical trail to the host’s food source, living as parasites off the work of the host’s ants. The parasite ants have no stingers or venom. The host will grow smarter with time and eventually discover the parasites. The parasite ants, however, will adapt and continue their pillage.

Now what does this have to do with the Muslims? From our open Southern border, immigrants merge in with the traffic coming across an open border and disappear into our nation, becoming parasites. The government gives each of them over $4000 a month (how much does the government give you a month?). A few days ago, ICE (the government agency in charge of releasing the alien imposters) illegally released thousands of alien terrorists. When questioned why, they said their bosses told them if they didn’t they would be fired. The Administration is saturated with radical Muslims at the present time. They deceive and infiltrate, just like the parasite ants. Students in k12 schools are forced to pray to “Allah”.  Businesses catering to Christians are persecuted.  Congress is paralyzed and doesn’t act on any of this. Inside our nation the President, Congress, and States have trashed the Constitution and all it represents.

The two key strategies then parasites are using are redefine and infiltrate. In redefining: a racist is anyone who doesn’t believe what you do. Peace means I can kill you if you don’t believe what I do, irregardless of the Constitution or laws. Lying is permitted if it furthers my personal agenda. The media is not permitted to use phrases like “radical Islam” or “Islamic Extremism”. The parasites are already infecting the White House (sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom), Congress, educational systems, economy, businesses, the media, Churches (through the IRS), prisons, and more.

We have a sociopathic (https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201305/how-spot-sociopath ) Administration and Congress quite willing, it seems, to give the nation to Iran. The negotiators are letting those Iran leaders walk all over us. I pray for our nation.

Carl’s new novel – Restoring America

Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero (PB)- $11.o0 by Carl Townsend More information (“fiction”)
First book in a fictional novel series about what happens in America when then the Nehemiah strategies are applied.
Read the First Chapter Free


blindsidedBobby (9 years old): Hey bill, our cat just had kittens.
Bill: What kind are they?
Bobby: My dad says they are Democrats.

(a few days later)
Bill: How are those kittens doing?
Bobby: Fine.
Bill: What kind did you say they are?
Bobby: Dad says they are Republicans now.
Bill: I thought you say they were Democrats.
Bobby: They have their eyes open now.


Upset at the joke? Actually, both parties have their eyes closed. A radical Islamic group seeking world dominion has successfully taken over much of the top political decisions in America without firing a shot.

Ore of the best books I’ve read in a long time is “Blindsided: The Radical Islamic Conquest” by Dr. Michael Youssef who was born in the Middle East and is now a Christian. The material in it is very well researched (the book includes a bibliography) and written in a lay person’s language. He begins the book describing some behind-the-scenes details of 9/11 and the Arab Spring. Stuff you probably didn’t know. He ends the book with a chapter on our response as Americans, and then a final chapter on our response as Christians. The book is listed as 5-Star on Amazon with review titles as “Eye Opening”, “Must Read”. “Compulsory Reading”.

Order two on Amazon and the shipping is free – then give one to someone else.

Sharing Your Hope with the Muslims

Cresent Project | Muslims | Mission ConnexionConcerned about the Muslims? Do you know Muslims personally? Want to share your Hope with them?

Fouad Masrri with the Crescent Project will be leading us through a MissionConnexion workshop the weekend of October 26-27, 2012 in Portland at Southwest Hills Baptist Church. Open to everyone! This is the Bridge Study and begins Friday evening and all day Saturday. For more information and to register see http://www.missionconnexion.com/muslim-connexion

We are also trying to fund an extensive research project on reaching the Muslim people groups beginning after the conference. If you are interested in helping financially or otherwise with this please contact Carl for more details.

News on Team Obama

You can send feedback and comment on any of these. I want to be sure these facts are correct.
I’m really not in support of either presidential candidate. Neither is identifying the real root problem.

This post is not copyrighted. Circulate as you wish.

I have to go to Foxnews.com now to track the team.

obama and muslim
The name of the book Obama is holding is called:

The Post-American World, and it was written by a fellow
Muslim.(Fareed Zakaria)

“Post” America means: The World “After” America !”









The DNC – and you won’t believe who is invited.http://www.welbornfreedomwatch.org/2012/08/democratic-national-convention-4169-dnc.html?spref=fb

DNC Delegates Boo Inclusion of God in Party Platform
Read more at http://www.reagancoalition.com/articles/2012/20120906004-dnc-boos.html#ktzRbh2k6DZCOEmL.99

How the Democrats are implementing the Communist plans to destroy America.

Julian Castro – a Radial Revealed (OK, I’m a radical, too. But so was Jesus. Castro is just in a different category.)

Obama administration cuts back military drills with Israel and holds drills with muslim brotherhood
Note: this shows how there can be two sides of every story, and we’re missing the other here. In reality, Obama cut back the drills with Israel because Israel is very itchy to start a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. And it was a postponement. Also, Obama is busy with an election and internal issues now. He’s not interested in starting another war. The postponement is until October, and the the drills the US will be involved in then are very much scaled back.

Obama and Islam

The deepest problems of the human race are spiritual in nature. They are rooted in man’s refusal to seek God’s way for his life. The problem is the human heart, which God alone can change.
Billy Graham

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