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Desperate to Restore America – Carl Townsend

I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus.
Philippians   3:14

Restoring America

Creative commons: Breaking through

In the movie The Man from Snowy River, Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson) makes that incredible ride over the cliff. Tom did the stunt himself (as well as the other stunts in the movie), without having ridden horses much before. In the movie, the rugged ranch-hands and mountain men are chasing the brumbies, to which Harrison’s prize stallion has escaped. A brumby is an Australia term for a wild, free-roaming horse, especially  one descended from runway stock.

You watch as the experienced mountain men  chase the brumbies all over the mountain using a wild, but  objective strategy (“Go at them from the jump,” Harrison has told them.). Finally you watch these mountain men stop abruptly at the top of a cliff as the brumbies go over the cliff almost straight down to a deep valley below. The mountain men stare helplessly at the brumbies far below with no way to reach them. Then they hear the hoof-beats of a horse at full-speed gallop behind them. Parting, they see Jim and his horse continuing at full gallop through them and over the cliff. There is the determined look of authority and faith in his face as he takes the risk.

What you see next is Jim (Tom Burlinson) taking the horse (Denny) straight down the face of the cliff at full gallop in a single, long movie take. I watched this in a theater and my stomach went to my throat.

Just like Jim and those horses, God is also wild. Look at your Bible and the stories there. Sarah was 90 when she bore the child of promise. Moses was 80 when he led a nation to freedom with a series of miracles. There was David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, a virgin that gave birth, and a man that rose from the dead. Pretty wild stories. There is no limit on what God can do.

God created you in His image. That means you are wild. In what way do you see you see yourself as free roaming and wild? Just like that horse Jim was on. We are supposed, however, to run under  the control of our Creator – God. In this analogy, you are the wild stallion and God holds the reins. The problem, to quote C.S. Lewis, is that most men see themselves as geldings, emasculated, and (as the gelding), unable to birth anything.  Yet Christ told us we can do everything He was doing and more in His name. This binding we tend to live under is an illusion from Satan himself. In what way do you see yourself in this war for your heart today?

Stand up, speak out, and act to protect your freedoms. My novel (which you can order from Amazon below) shows how a small church, with God’s help, can turn the nation around.

Get involved – Let’s restore America

Book 1, Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero is already out and and can be ordered from Amazon.com:

Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero (PB)- $11.00 by Carl Townsend More information (“fiction”)
First book in a fictional novel series about what happens in America when the Nehemiah strategies are applied and Transformation occurs. The story is driven by characters who have a vision and dream of restoring America and drive the changes from that.

Read the First Chapter Free

Getting Your Message Through Part 1- Carl Townsend

megaphoneIf your are serious about God’s call on your life, God will give you  a burden, a message. You then begin to respond that call and call other people to join you in terms of that call God is placing on your heart. That is your message. There are many ways to get your message out: social media, a blog, magazine articles, authoring/publishing a book, speaking, singing. and more.  How you share is important, but also here are some issues common to all of these.

  1. Who shares your message? Identify, in contemporary language, who is your tribe? Who also owns the same message? This “tribe” defines others you know that share your burden and message. This identifies your tribe and may exist within your current church, a viral church, your network of churches, or you may need to create your own “Church”. One major pastor shared with me as I left for a new job: “Stay with the vision God gives you, even if it costs your your life. Join a church that affirms that vision. If  you cant find it,, build it yourself with others that share it. As an example, back in the eighties Dr. Joe Aldrich began sounding a message that he wanted to see one city or region anywhere totally transformed by the Power of the Holy Spirit. By the early nineties, George Otis, Jr. had identified a dozen cities in the world where that was already happening.  His Sentinel group published the video story of four of these cities on  a DVD. Last time I talked with Otis, he had identified some 250 cities or regions worldwide, with fires started in some 500 more as this grows. This didn’t make your local newspaper, did it? In my own city. Dr. Joe identified those pastors who wished to see this locally and called them to prayer. We had a database of 1800 churches in our four-county area. In the Christian language, you define the harvest force.
  2. Define your audience very specifically. The “audience” defines those whom God wishes to hear your specific message. To use the Internet, which is very inexpensive, you need to aim at a very specific audience. This is very different from traditional advertising, which casts its net to a very broad audience to get a few people within it taking action. Your audience should be a group of people you are naturally called to. In the Christian language, this is your harvest field.
  3. Define your message. What is your specific message to your audience? What is your burden and passion? In Chapter 1 of Nehemiah, what was Nehemiah’s burden and passion? It was not building a wall. This wall isn’t even mentioned in the first chapter. For example, it might be “Restore America” or “Transformation of America” as the message. Your message should be one that your audience can understand and relate to their heart -need.
  4. Add value to the vision of your audience. For this you need to know the need of your audience. This is heart question. What is the heart of your audience? Now you need to communicate your message in terms of the heart need. With Nehemiah, the heart need was security. Jerusalem, or what was left of it was destroyed and they were surrounded by enemies. Nehemiah was going to address that by building the wall. Their real need was a unity and oneness and spiritual recovery.  He spoke to that by leading them in building the wall. The wall was the vehicle for the real need. Some years ago in Portland we had discovered using powerful mapping tools a Hispanic community without a church and needing one. Their want was ESL classes to learn English so they could get jobs. We started by addressing their need. We can confuse needs and wants if we are not careful. Define each for your audience, then add value.
  5. Define the warfare. What is keeping you from carrying your message forward? Finances? time? education? health? depression? Define your counter strategies for each. If the Lord wants you to deliver this message, He will provide a way if you commit. You’re the “postman”. Your job is to deliver the mail, not fight the dogs.
  6. Go personal. When younger I, like others, kept a journal (still do). I’d  get upset if anyone read it.  Now I journal on Facebook. So does a lot of my tribe. And I want you to read it. The personal posts that I do get read  the most, and are also shared the most.  If you want your posts to go viral, getting your readers to share you is essential. Don’t use Truth to beat others. Build relationships in trust and love.
  7. Evaluate. Make sure you have some type of feedback system to measure your on-going success.

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Rwanda Mission Trip – & Toni

Rwanda Mission - Toni

She The Rwanda Team

My friend Toni is taking quite a mission trip this summer with International Reconciliation Ministries.   The ministry, birthed by Arlene Tatum, has it’s website at  http://www.newlifeirm.org (see photos)

Toni is going into the prisons in Rwanda with Arlene in July. The prisons still hold thousands from the 1994 Hutu Tutsi war/massacres.

Arlene is allowing Toni to accompany her on her 10th visit. Arlene is the first one to be allowed consistent time with the prisoners, because, she was told, “You’re the only one that didn’t show up empty handed.”

She purchases Bibles printed in Kenyanrwandan and gives them to the villagers and prisoners after explaining forgivenes

Arlene has a powerful personal testimony also, that she relates well, addressing thousands of prisoners in each visited prison. Toni also has a testimony that would knock you off your feet. Or more likely to weep.

Many prisoners have been returned to their villages due to Arlene’s work.

Toni’s own expenses for the trip are paid for, but thousands of Bibles are still needed.

Each Bible will be shared with many.  One blind woman who sits on a street all day, in a previously visited village greeted Arlene upon a return trip saying, “You know I can’t read my Bible because I’m blind.  So I ask the village children to read it to me.  This way they hear God’s word too!”

Please pray for us:

  1. Open hearts for the gospel
  2. Ministry trip finances – this year IRM must raise $18,000 for trip expenses, government fees, etc.
  3. Funds for Bible/Discipleship Booklet sets (printed in KenyaRwandan) that are now $9 ea
  4. Favor with all Government officials
  5. Health & travel safety for me and the team
  6. My Mom won’t worry when I tell her (about a week before I go on July 26!)

Rwanda Bible ClassIf you would like to purchase Bibles, please send your donation before the end of June to Arlene made out to the sponsoring church Canby New Life Foursquare (a non-profit/tax deductible):

(She makes a spreadsheet of all donations then takes to the church to be deposited)

Arlene Tatum

612 N. Cascade Dr. – 75
Woodburn, OR 97071
          Writing:   Rwanda Bibles – from Toni’s friend   on the memo line

or donate online: https://bluefire-secure.com/go/form.php?rid=75b346c686cd#step1  making the same notations in the NOTES box.

Thanks for considering being a partner with me on this!

Mia McMahon: Piano Solos

A very talented and gifted artist has produced, with the help of her family, a piano solo album with music from Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and some music she herself wrote. Beautiful – and the proceeds are going to help finance her mission trip to Cabo this summer.
Mia's music

You can hear a sample, Dawn (Marianelli) here.

You can get a complete copy or directions for download copies from Blake McMahon here if you would like to help her ministry. Suggested donation for the DVD is $15.

A report from a Missionary in Japan

Pray for missionaries working in Japan, the churches there, and those that need to find Jesus. Here’s a report from a Gresham missionary working in Japan.http://oregonfaithreport.com/2011/03/gresham-missionary-in-japan-retells-disaster/

Stuck Mars rover gets new mission

No one would begrudge NASA’s Mars rover Spirit — six years into a mission pegged for 90 days, stuck in sand and lacking power to phone home — retirement. Instead, in the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, scientists are preparing a new round of studies uniquely suited for a stuck Mars lander.Soil that trapped rover is filled with water-soluble materials that the rover will test. Spirit’s new science roster also includes experiments to assess Mars’ core and its atmosphere.Full story at Discovery News.Sometimes when we get stuck God gives us a new mission.