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Excerpts 2nd book “Breaking Light: Healing of the Hearts”

FireDancer - A step of faith

Here are some excerpts from the second volume of the”Breaking Light” novel series by Carl. This second book of the series is not shipping yet, but continues in development with work often starting early the morning. Enjoy these excerpts Thanks to everyone who has helped me on this. Writing this story has been more fun than any book I’ve done. These excerpts have not passed the final edit.


Confessions and Commitment for the New Year

Face Time with the Boss

Face Time with the Boss

I like a comment (and probably the vision statement) of Bethel Church in Redding, CA as quoted by Jack Taylor:

“Let’s seek the Kingdom, find it, declare what we’ve found, and give it away!”
from When Heaven Invades Earth: A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles by Bill Johnson

“We have been given life, but we have not lived. We have been called to freedom, but we have found the burden heavy, the anxiety painful, and have returned to our illusions about life, and our deceits about ourselves. Let us, therefore, acknowledge our continued denial of life and our need for that Power which is beyond our reach, yet every present to us.

Knowing that life is given to us only in the present, we desperately cling to our false images about the past and our imagined fantasies concerning the future. Knowing that we are received in being, we have not chosen to be. Knowing that we are mission, we have not elected to be called. O Lord, have mercy upon us.

We are valued as we are. Life is good as it is given. The future is open. And this is the one objective and everlasting truth – in Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven. – may we receive this gift and live.

Let us now move into His world as servant people, servants of His Word and servants in His world. May He grant us the grace to hear what we are called to be and do.”
(from a liturgy of a coffeehouse church in Washington, DC)


For journal questions for going into the new year: Journaling Questions

For more on Bill Johnson and the Bethel Church he pastors, click Bethel Church and read the miracle stories. Latest miracles I see listed at the lower left. You won’t believe them. Better get the book and read more. or get Carl’s “Beyond Illusion” book and read the miracles Carl has experienced.

The image on this page is where I go when I need face time with the Boss. If you live in the Portland area, you may know where it is.

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Is God Working in Portland?

Back from LA last weekend and trying to catch up on things. The local Christian newspaper, Christian News Northwest, has an article in the March issue I wrote. It’s about some of what I saw in the early nineties when the local pastors came together, praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit in our area. It was really an awesome time. This Saturday a local television station is interviewing me to discuss more of what I saw and my insights.What have you seen of what the Holy Spirit is doing in Portland today? Where have you seen a miracle today?