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Martin Luther King

I Have a Dream – Fifty Years Ago this Week

I have a dreamThis week’s TIME magazine is an “I Have a Dream” memorial issue celebrating a that special event that happened 50 years ago this week. Loaded with photos and interviews, it is an issue you want to read again and again. To quote Marcus Carvey Wood, “It seemed to me that the Spirit of God came upon him. I was living in DC at the time, and when walking through the area it was much like walking during the advent of a thunderstorm – the smells, the electric sensation, all pregnant with a feeling that a special presence was there. Reading the articles took me back to that time. A lone spiritual leader that bravely confronted us with the injustice and challenged us to begin changes that demand even more of us today.

I loved that part in his speech where he left the canned part. He didn’t like the canned stuff and was trying to break free of it. It was Mahalia Jackson that was near him and shouted out “Tell ’em about the dream, Martin.’ That’s when Martin broke free of the canned stuff and said “I have a Dream..” and history began.
(Photo courtesy of AP and released in creative commons for non-commercial use.)

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