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Graham Cooke on Prophecy

Graham Cookke - prophecyI’m just back from a three-day conference with Graham Cooke. We heard some of most profound spiritual messages I have heard in over a decade. Graham encouraged us to do Heaven a favor. Stop associating with your old identity. You’re talking to a corpse. How crazy is that? Your angels will thank you for remaining in Christ, you’re a new person in Christ. It’s not a behavior issue, it’s an identity issue. Simon became Peter, James & John became “Sons of Thunder”, Paul became Saul.

Hurts, wounds, rejection and emotional trauma are a part of our lives, both before and after salvation. Fortunately, we serve a God who is committed to our physical, emotional and mental healing. His goal is to bring us into the fullness of life in the Spirit.

The biggest thing I heard at the conference was that people are hungry for real spiritual depth, an infilling of the Holy Spirit. It was a sold-out conference of 600 of us coming from Alaska, Texas, and beyond. Some ladies I talked with are headed to California in a few days to catch Stasi and John Eldredge’s Advanced Captivating conference. Like spiritual hippies, people are trying to find what I called Bethel points – places where Heaven is invading earth. This was certainly one of them.

(The disk set of the conference is available for about $30 from http://www.brilliantbookhouse.com in a few days. Ask for the Portland conference disk set.More details here soon.)

Carl is a researcher, writer, speaker based in Portland, Oregon. He has authored many books and available for speaking engagements. Order his latest book “Beyond Illusion” directly from this website or enjoy the Kindle version on Amazon.

Christmas Flash Mob

The Christmas Flash mobs have started. Here’s an oldie but goodie:

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In Pursuit of Healing

Pursuit of HealingStarting to work again on Chapter 2 of the updated version of my book. Some friend came in and did an AMAZING edit on this chapter, adding stuff that is unbelievable. OK, with Jesus her story is believable. As I start this editing with worship music I’m listening to this. This is another lady, another story of where God is at work.


Janet Pascal comes in to sing on this at 1:10.
Her voice is very anointed, and Bill Gaither and the others seem to know it. She fought cancer and won in 2005, and her voice is even more anointed now. Pain and suffering does that, you know.

Want to hear some more from her? Try this: http://bit.ly/L6pvYw

(I believe at the end you see her parents and she kisses her mother as she leaves the stage. Gaither comments on that.)
Here’s her cancer story in an interview with Bill Gaither: http://bit.ly/JTpKbs

Now back to my editing.

Insights on Healing from Paul Tournier – the Speech

Speech by Carl Townsend at Rolling Hills Community Church 4/8/2012

(Time: ~60 minutes)

Paul Tournier was considered by many to be the greatest doctor of the last century, and was based in Geneva, Switzerland. Many other doctors sent patients to him that they could not heal, and they were healed in Tournier’s ministry. What was he doing?


The Speech (audio only)


The Speech (video)
(There is slight delay on starting. If you have problems, see here.)


Handout: Paul Tournier Handout


Carl is out of stock on his Pursuit of Healing book, but the book can be ordered from Amazon.com. In fact, Amazon sells a Kindle edition of it for $3.99:
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Recorded at Rolling Hills Community Church April 8, 2012 as part of their S.A.M. (Single Adult Ministry) program. The ministry meets each Sunday at the church (3550 SW Borland Rd., Tualatin, OR 97062) starting at 10:45 A.M.. It is open to all single adults, 40 and up. Thanks for this speaking opportunity to Dave Myers & Toni Anderson; and thanks to Walter Gaedes, the church, and to Blake McMahon for making the recording possible. For more information on the ministry contact Dave Myers, 503-539-7516.

Healing Lessons from Paul Tournier – Part 3

Carl speaks at the S.A.M. group at Rolling Hills Community Church in Tualatin this Easter Sunday starting at 10:45 a.m.. Here are some quotes from Tournier on the healing ministry of Tournier:

“The person always eludes our grasp; it is never static. It refuses to be confined within concepts, formula, and definitions. It is not a thing to be encompassed, but a point of attraction, a guiding force, a direction, and attitude, which demands from us a corresponding attitude, which moves us to action and commits us. The world of things does not commit us. It is neutral, and leaves us neutral. We are cold, objective, impersonal observers, watching the operations of blind … mechanisms.”

“The personage is the visible expression of our person – our words, our voice, gestures, our non-verbal actions.”

“We strive continuity, the preserve our imaginary self, the personage.”

“We are slaves of the personage which we have invented for ourselves or which has been imposed on us by others.”

“It is the calling that creates the person.

You cannot know yourself except through others. There is a double dialog. The inward and invisible of the person with God. The second, is apparent and visible with words and gestures. , and encounter of personages. We cannot know one without the other. A doctor, psychologist, or even a pastor would have you believe the process is deterministic, logical, and objective. It isn’t.

“As the patient begins to discover the person (the dream), there is a new freedom in his or her behavior. At the same time, they discover resistance. They are disturbing the order about them.”

Healing – Lessons from Paul Tourner: Part 2

Often when patients failed to get help from other doctors they would come to Paul Tournier, and there they would find healing. What did he do?

A lady came to Tournier suffering from stomach trouble. She told Tournier she had consulted a dozen doctors, specialists, and even a hospital. They seemed not able to help her.

Tournier began with a question,

“How old are you?”

“Thirty-six,” she replied.

“But you look at least ten years younger!”

“Yes, everyone says I look very young.”

“I wonder why that is? There must be some reason.”

As this continued, what did Tournier do? Why had the healing process started as she left his office? Why was she completely healed in a very short time?

Come hear what Tournier did when Carl Townsend will be sharing those insights from Tournier on Easter morning (April 8th) at Rolling Hills Community Church. Address is 3550 SW Borland Rd., Tualatin, OR 97062. For more information contact Dave Myers at 503-539-7516.

Healing – Lessons from Paul Tournier that will Change Your Life

Paul TournierPaul Tournier has been called by many as the greatest Christian doctor of the last century. His book Healing of Persons is on the Christianity Today list as one of the top 50 books for all evangelicals. Other doctors would send their patients to him that they could not heal and watch as Tournier healed them. What was his secret?

Carl Townsend will be sharing those insights from Tournier on Easter morning (April 8th) at Rolling Hills Community Church. Address is 3550 SW Borland Rd., Tualatin, OR 97062. For more information contact Dave Myers at 503-539-7516. The class room is the SAMS class (40+ single adults), but everyone is invited. Class starts at 10:45 A.M.. Enter the rear door of the church at the big circle. Go right immediately, through an open door, and up a glassed-in staircase. The room you want is the second one after exiting the staircase. (If you get lost ask for the SAMS class.) Hope to see you there!

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Healing – An Introduction

There is no doubt that Jesus was the greatest healer that walked this earth. Looking at the life of Jesus (in the Gospels) gives us great insights into the issue of healing. Moreover, expanding these insights into the rest of the Bible narrative opens our vision even more on the subject.

The New Testament was written in Aramaic Greek, and in that language two words are used that are translated into “healing” in our English: iaomai and sozo. Both words mean “to be made whole”.

The concept of healing at the time of Christ is very difficult to grasp. Today if you have a physical problem (a headache, for example, that doesn’t go away), you go to a physician. If there is a mental or emotional problem (a depression, for example), you go to a psychologist. For a spiritual problem, you would go to a pastor. We partition the problem and healing. In reality, there is no partitioning and Jesus knew this. There is only one person there, custom-designed by God.

The Greek word that is translated as “salvation” in the Bible is soteria, and means “to rescue”. God steps in to rescue is from sin if we are willing to accept Him. Since sickness and death entered the world with sin through that Garden event, this salvation is an integral part of the healing experience. Jesus always was acting to bring wholeness and salvation. The two are integrally related.

Some years ago at a prayer conference in the Seattle area I got violently sick with something like food poisoning – even though I had been fasting and praying going into the conference. Back from the conference, I felt well but called my doctor. From what I described, he made it clear it was not physical and that I should check in with his small prayer group. I thanked him – I had my own prayer group. I then checked with my counselor. She told me Seattle was where my wife had her bone marrow transplant a few years earlier. I noticed after that that every time I traveled to Seattle, I got sick. My next trip was to my pastor, who did more discernment and prayed for me – a very heavy prayer. There was definitely spiritual warfare going on here, and I had to understand all aspects of the healing. The pastor’s prayer resolved everything and released the bindings. I have never had any problem with Seattle trips since then, and moreover they have become trips of celebration and praise. Reminds me of Daniel’s story in Daniel 10 and the vision of the Glorious Man. Why was Daniel’s visitor delayed? Why was Daniel graced with the visitor (verse 12 – two reasons)? Most Christians I know don’t even know there is a war going on. Or that they are supposed to be in it.

Healing of Persons – Paul Tournier

Paul Tournier – Healer, Teacher, Doctor, and Counselor


Paul Tournier

Paul Tournier (1898 – 1986) was a very famous physician that lived in Switzerland during the latter part of the twentieth century. He had an incredible gift of healing, and doctors would often send patients to him they could not heal, and they became well. Often doctors wanted to know what he was doing. Tournier wrote many books about his ministry, the most famous probably being The Meaning of Persons. A 2006 Christianity Today magazine listed this book as one of the top 50 books that has influenced the way Evangelicals think. Outside of the Bible, this book has had more influence on my life than any other book I have read.

In the late sixties Tournier’s writings had impressed my life so much that I traveled to Switzerland to hear Tournier speak at a conference. Although he spoke in French (with an English translator for us), his communication ability was profound and not limited by language. Again, in 1984, I wrote to him for a possible lunch as I again planned to travel through Geneva within a few weeks. He replied, graciously accepting. Unfortunately, when I arrived in Geneva, he was too ill to meet me. Instead of canceling, he sent HIS doctor to take me to lunch. He died two years later of carcinoma.

What was it that Tournier learned that enabled him to be such a healing gift for his patients?

Tournier lost his father shortly after he was born and his mother when he was 6 years old, He lived with his step-parents, an extremely painful experience in his life. Although Tournier became a Christian when he was 12, later in life he had some type of spiritual re-birthing took place. He refers to it as a “face-to-face encounter with God” and it was a very transformational experience. As a result, he wrote each of his patients and let them know that he had to radically change his medical practice. What was it he learned in this experience?

In the healing process today, our modern world separates the physical, psychological, and spiritual in healing. Tournier believed you could not do that. There was only one person there, created in the image of God, chosen by God and in the eye of God even before the creation of the world (Psalms 139, Eph 1:4). Tournier called his ministry the “medicine of the whole person”. For the rest of his life, he wrote, traveled, and lectured in an effort to share what he had learned. Moreover, he lived it. The word “salvation” in the New Testament is actually translated from the Greek word “to make whole”. The healing that Jesus brought healed everything – physical, mental, and spiritual. The partitioning we do today was never there with God.

What was this that Tournier learned? Tournier began to notice that people in his life did not always project the same image to the world. They go to work and become “manager” or “engineer”, then go home and become “husband” and “father” (or “mother” and “wife”). Roles. Defined by cultural forces and needs. Broken people in a broken world. Tournier called this the personage. We spend most of our life as an actor in these roles. Underneath all this is one person, created in the image of God, and only a step away from healing. To share at this level is a difficult and risky step. Yet it is only at this level that the healing can take place. There is always a tension in our life between the personage and the person. One doctor told me that the main problem with some 90% of the patients that come into his office was a stress problem, a stress between the person and personage.

Tournier would invite the patient to his home and begin talking with the patient by the fireplace with perhaps coffee, tea, and perhaps biscuit. As the patient shared, they would soon drop from their personage level and role (the role of patient) to another level, sharing as person. If a patient had trouble dropping to this level, Tournier would drop to that level himself and share from his own person. (If you are assuming this was a strategy on the part of Tournier, you are wrong. If you try this from a role as doctor or pastor or whatever, you will fail. Tournier had to be himself, free of roles for the healing to be initiated). It was a lifestyle for Tournier, everyone he met.

Tournier actually incorporated living at the person level into his personal lifestyle. Moreover, he learned to pick up the non-verbal clues to the person from people. Since the person and personage always remain in conflict, Tournier learned to read the conflict and discern the person. If I had connected with him at the lunch meeting in Geneva, he would have been most comfortable with the French language, of which I have little skill. If you read the stories of Tournier, however, I realize now that would not have been a problem.Today we live so fast with so much stress if is difficult to see these clues in each other. A doctor today in his 15 minute visit with you might ask how your job is going or your love-life. You respond by telling the doctor how you are doing with that particular role (engineering or husband, for example).

Most of our messages to others are non-verbal, and Tournier could read the hidden person messages. The person level is only there in a human man or woman. It is not there in an animal.

Exercise: Who knows you at a person level?

I praise God for what I learned from Paul Tournier.