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fiction writing

Breaking Light – Birth of a Hero (Book1)


As America finds itself hurtling toward a major election in 2032, the country finds itself trapped in divisions, multiple demonic forces, and corruption. No white knight has emerged to bring unity in the election of the next President. Out of this rubble a small church deep in the Cascade wilderness of the The American Northwest leads the nation and plays a major role in destroying a network of dark forces to move a strong Christian leader to the new Presidency almost overnight. ThisĀ  first book of this Breaking Light series, Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero, ends in November of 2032, as Mark Pearson celebrates with this wilderness church and others the win of the country’s Presidency.

This wilderness church, Sunodia, uses an online network of secure computers with church leaders across the world, called The Phoenix, to do most of their communications ministry. This Phoenix name refers both to their small core group as well as their larger electronic network of seriously committed churches. This network is calling the nation to repentance and the transformation of America.

Order the first book in the series now from Amazon or get info at: http://creatingnewworlds.org/breaking-light-the-birth-of-a-hero/



Insights for Fiction Writing

Brandily Collins - fiction writingLast Saturday was by far the most exciting day of the Oregon Writers Conferences I’ve ever attended. The speaker for the entire day was Brandilyn Collins, a well-known Christian fiction writer of suspense stories that has some 29 titles in print. As I’m writing my first fiction book (I’ve authored some 40 non-fiction), this was a chance to glean from someone with a LOT of experience. I wasn’t disappointed. The tagline associated with her books is generally “Don’t forget to breathe”. The Oregon Writers Conference people said they had been working for 3 years to get her here. The group was small enough that we could easily get one-on-one time with her.

The most important thing for the writer? She shared that it is to draw out and communicate the deepest desire of the Protagonist as specifically as possible as soon as possible.

You can check your local library for many of her books – my library has many of them. If you are a writer, she gives away many of her secrets in Getting Into Character: Seven Secrets a Novelist Can Learn from Actors, available from Amazon. One of her workshops focused on one of those secrets. Disks can be ordered from soundxdesign@yahoo.com. Perhaps the best is “Coloring Passions: Fully Developed Character Emotions” on one of the secrets, but she only had time to touch on part of section from the book in her workshop. You can get more information on her books and biography at http://www.brandilyncollins.com/.