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The Secret of Answered Prayers- Part 1: Praying Into Promises

praying girlWhen you pray, pray into the promises God gives you and the covenants God has made with you. God will ALWAYS honor these. Pray into these specific promises God has given you rather than your needs. God will honor whatever needs you have with respect to His promises and covenants.

Be careful you don’t write your own script here. We are NOT talking about promises you make with God or covenants you initiate with God. The type of praying referred to here implies there must be an intimacy in your relationship with God in which you can hear God’s promises to you and the agendas He wants you to be a part of and the covenants that that are a part of that. Those promises and covenants are birthed out of our intimacy with Him and hearing these from Him.

The Promises

Start with your Bible and see the promises there on which God wants you to take ownership.
Who were each of these spoken to? Does that mean a follower of Christ can claim ALL of these? What do you think? Why?

Here are some good promises:
Psalms 25:14 There is a conditional promise here. What is the promise? What is the condition?
Psalms 1:1-3 What is the promise here?
Psalms 1:4 What is the promise?
Psalms 4:3 What is the promise?
Matthew 28:20 Here’s a good one!
Isaiah 40:31
Isaiah 43:19
Joel 2:28-30
Matt. 21:22
Matt 18:18

Your turn now. See how many additional ones you can find in your Bible!

Promises in the Bible are often given to a single person. Look at the promise to Noah after the flood. Look at Habakkuk as he throws his questions to God about what he sees (What he sees is much like America today) and notice God’s first answer:

Look at the nations and watch —
and be utterly amazed.
For I am going to do something in your days
that you would not believe,
even if you were told.
Hab 1:5-6 NIV

What was God doing to do? Read the next verses. Habakkuk doesn’t get what you would consider good news in the answer.  Israel (ten tribes) had already been carried off into slavery. The last two tribes, Judah and Benjamin, have fallen away from God and will soon be carried off into slavery as well . Habakkuk continues his questioning to God and waits and watches until God speaks. Note: This is an active watching and praying – no couch potato on this. And God does speak.

“Write down the vision on a billboard so that someone running can read it.
For the vision awaits an appointed time [the kairos moment], it speaks [as to kindle a fire] of the end.
Though it linger, wait for it.
it will certainly come and will not delay.”
Habakkuk 2:2-3 (contemporary version)

The first answer is a promise, and a pretty dark one. Read the specifics God gives Habakkuk in Chapter 1. The second response is a covenant and promise. What does God ask of Habakkuk? What is the promise from God? God asks Habakkuk to wait and watch. Both are active processes. And the waiting can be difficult. Moses had to wait 40 years in the wilderness before he was ready. When the Israelites blew their chance at going into the Promised Land, Joshua and Caleb had to wait with that rebellious nation for an entire generation to die out before God provided another Kairos moment and they could go in.

Remember a promise is already a done deal, but is often conditional on our prayer. Look at the Model Prayer Jesus gave us.

“May your will be done on earth as it [is already done] in heaven. “

You can claim this promise as a rhema word; that is, a word that when spoken out loud has both power and authority in Christ. Both promises given to Habakkuk, however, were not conditional. The promise to Moses in Numbers 14 was conditional. Because Moses prayed, God would decided not to destroy the Israelite nation. The prayer of Moses was effective – not because Moses could move the hand of God, but because Moses claimed the authority of a covenant God had already made with Moses and Abraham.

Today, with the massive darkness prevailing in the leadership in Washington, I believe that God will honor His promise and covenants with those that birthed this nation. You can pray into these and claim them, and they will happen. Educational leaders have obliterated the true stories of the birthing of America from our children. Some teachers and schools have carried these stories forward, however. We can pray into these promises and covenants and claim them for America today. God will honor those prayers. The war America has to fight today is not in Afghanistan, or Syria, or Pakistan. It is in the hearts of each of us.

The Secret of Answered Prayers – Part2: Covenants

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