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Excerpts 2nd book “Breaking Light: Healing of the Hearts”

FireDancer - A step of faith

Here are some excerpts from the second volume of the”Breaking Light” novel series by Carl. This second book of the series is not shipping yet, but continues in development with work often starting early the morning. Enjoy these excerpts Thanks to everyone who has helped me on this. Writing this story has been more fun than any book I’ve done. These excerpts have not passed the final edit.


Excerpts from “Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero”

Arararagorn, authenti manhood

aragorn, creative cmmons


Here are some excerpts from the first volume of the”Breaking Light” novel series by Carl. This first book of the series is shipping from Amazon.com. Enjoy these excerpts Thanks to everyone who has helped me on this. Enjoy in Paperback or Kindle.



Restoring America -Carl Townsend

“Paralysis (masquerading as “confusion”) haunts every man when a looming decision will require a lot of us.”
John Eldredge

Restoring America

Founding Fathers

I want to see American restored. Like Nehemiah, I share a deep pain for my country (America) that has lost its way – no visioon, no passion, no leadership, no freedom, and no security. It hurts. There is a deep, deep burden there to see the America again for which those early forefathers bought with, sometimes, their lives.

In this lostness I see two churches. One is a church that tries to adapt to a dying culture and paradigm. This church, as in Germany before World War II, is experiencing a slow death in America. The members hardly recognize their dying and they continue to do what they’ve always done as the nation continues to fall, trying to adept to a failing culture. This is the cultural church.

The other is the confessional church. This Church sees there is a war, a spiritual war. They move to the front line, risking everything. Like Nehemiah, they take on the burden, the pain. We see Nehemiah praying and fasting for 40 days, asking God to forgive him and the nation. In World War II Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a part of this Church.

So I asked God what this meant for me.

I felt led to begin a multi-book Christian fictional novel that shows a path to national rebirth.

The story follows the strategies identified by George Otis (see his Informed Intercession: Transforming Your Community Through Spiritual Mapping and Strategic Prayer) where Otis found total transformation (spiritual, political, economic, healing, agricultural) had already started in certain cities and regions. The key components that were always there in each story included persevering leadership, fervent, united prayer, and often power encounters, diagnostic research and spiritual mapping. The basic problem today lies not with a particular person or political party, but rather is spiritual. There is a real war going on, and God calls you to be a part of it.

I started by defining some aspects of this story in the novel. In the first book of the series, the leadership is established.

The story is positive, uplifting, and exciting. You see hope and faith. The bad guys don’t stand a chance. God is in charge and this Church is committed to God’s authority.

  • The story has mystery, adventure, romance, risk, suspense.
  • It’s a heart story. Lots of hearts, romance, and love.
  • It is a VERY positive story full of hope and faith. The bad guys are out of the WH and Congress by the end of the first book. From that there is a lot of healing to do.
  • The conflict is real. We almost lose our protagonists at times. The actions of the bad guys, however, don’t dominate the story line. The story is driven from the characters and their relationships.
  • The story is biblically-based.
  • The plot line and story is believable. It is built from the stories of what God has done in my life and the lives of others. Sure, there are miracles, but no magic hat tricks.
  • Lots of music. Music is one of the only activities that activates, stimulates, and uses the entire brain. Book 2, in particular, has even more than Book 1. Dancers as well. It is no accident that Psalms is the longest book in the Bible.
  • There is overt and some direct evangelism in the story.
  • The story is highly mythic. The story begins with a lone young man striking out on a desolate wilderness trail to find a spiritual community he has heard about. The wilderness is not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual. In the second chapter there is a mist, a river, and more. All are mythic symbols. At the beginning our young man is frustrated, unable to change anything from his cultural church. In the second chapter he is frustrated, lost in a mist (another symbol), and has fallen on the ground and lying in the trail. He can hear the river (another symbol) and struggles to find the water he needs. It is at this point he meets the confessional Church.

You see all of these in Book 1. An early copy of my first chapter is online and free here. (The map in the chapter can be blown up on the PC using Shift-Ctrl buttons on the keyboard & mouse), the entire book is at Amazon.com. I’m working on Book 2 now. It is really fun.

Get involved – Let’s restore America

Book 1, Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero is already out and and can be ordered from Amazon.com:

Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero (PB)- $11.00 by Carl Townsend More information (“fiction”)
First book in a fictional novel series about what happens in America when then the Nehemiah strategies are applied.

Read the First Chapter Free

Here is Carl’s book on the Nehemiah story:

Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality – $18.86 by Carl Townsend (PB) (Non-fiction)
Carl in this book tells the story of Nehemiah. The nation was without vision, passion, or security.. Sounds like America today! He turned the nation completely around in 52 days. At the same time he faced internal and external warfare.

 What”s Next?

Carl is hard at work on Book 2 in the Breaking Light series. The working title is Breaking Light: The Healing of the Hearts. Don’t expect a lot of political games as the new President begins his term. He is far, far more interested in seeing healing and being a catalyst for healing. Lots more music. The President is shifting leadership to the people and making the government smaller and less visible. Also you will discover the back story of the first book made visible in Book 2.

Quotations from Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero (Book 1)

Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero - Creative Commons

Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero – Creative Commons

(Roger to Ken)
“In mythology, the Phoenix was a bird resembling an eagle that lived for 500 years and was periodically reborn. When it died, it rose again from its ashes more beautiful and more powerful. The Phoenix was subsequently adopted as a symbol in early Christianity. It can refer to the Church or an individual. The Phoenix is also used to refer to somebody or something beautiful or unique. There are leaders out there that define prophecy as calling forth the beauty of another person that God sees in that person; but that person may not be able to see that beauty in themselves until it is called out. Satan tries to keep us from seeing it. The reality is the person is unique in the eyes of God, created for a specific purpose even before they are born.”

(Melody to Ken)
“Now change the verse [Luke 4:18-22] and our mantra to reflect this Post-Resurrection state and put your name in there. This is the way John Eldredge puts it.”

“God has sent the Holy Spirit on a mission.
I have great news for you, Ken.
God has sent the Holy Spirit to restore and release something.
And that something is you, Ken.
The Holy Spirit is here to give you back your heart and set you free.”

(Tom to Ken)
“The biggest challenge for anyone on this earth is the rescue of the human heart. Starting with your own. No other creation has that passion. No other part of creation is created for and searches for that intimacy with God.”

The battle

Creative commons: Aragorn

(Tom to Ken)
“Ken”, Tom said, “The war is already launched. The question that haunts every man is where that battle is in his own life and the adventure to which that battle calls him.”

(Lorraine to Ken)
“Ken, I’ll tell you this about what you were researching today. I’ve lived here for many years and I don’t believe Frank Benson’s death was an accident. Don’t ask me to prove it or who is involved. I just know it wasn’t an accident.”

(Mrs. Benson to Ken)
“Ken, this area was once the center of the Cherokee Indian people group in America. Two centuries ago in 1838 legislation was signed that forced all the Cherokee Indians to move west of the Mississippi River into reservations. This was under Andrew Jackson’s Presidency, and some 15,000 Cherokees were forced to leave their home. About 4,000 Cherokees died on the march that eventually came to be known as the Trail of Tears.”
…Ken noticed that as she shared, it was as if a great pain and burden fell over her. The brilliant, twinkling eyes began to tear up. Then she quickly pulled herself together. For a brief moment Ken heard another voice. Beautiful. Then that voice was gone.
“I’m sorry,” she said.

Lorraine practically dragged him out of the library, down the steps to the mall, around the corner at the Edison Fountain and into the café. Back to that same table and she said, “Sit”.
“Look,” she said with her eyes flashing. “I believe God did something last night and we just don’t see it yet. God set us up. Something happened, we just don’t see it. There is an agenda in play. God’s agenda. Maybe it wasn’t the one we expected; but our job is to keep our eyes open and to do the best we can, praying for God to reveal His agenda. Remember those Israelites on the edge of their Promised Land? Only they could not see it. They missed the window of opportunity, or kairos moment God gave them and as a result were commanded to wait for the next generation to go in. Let’s pray on that now.”

“Another thing, Ken” Lorraine said, “You must learn to see with your heart. God is after your heart. Pray that God can help you to see with that heart.”

Finally, Don paused and gave a deep sigh. “Today, again, Crusaders must march to recover what was stolen from the Christians by the Muslims and others. This today, in many ways, is the First Crusade for us and the Church today. Those Crusaders made major mistakes at times. We must avoid those.”…
Lorraine asked a question. “What are we supposed to take back?”
Don turned to her. “The political system, the educational system, the health system, the judicial system, the financial system, the family, even the church as an institution2. They have all been stolen from us. Who do you see as a Crusader today?”

“I’ve got my purse. Tom, can I call Ginger and let her know we are all right?”
“No, Lorraine. None of us can call or contact anyone. When the news does get out about the car crashes, there will be people who care about you that will think you are dead. There will be obituaries in the newspapers and on television and the Internet, along with memorial services for you. And there’s not a thing you can do about it. Anyone you even try to contact will become a target. You will have to put aside, for now, any normal emotional response you may have about that. The only advantage we have right now is that the people who are trying to kill us probably think we’re dead and will quit, for the moment, chasing us. There is a consolation. The Church in Sunodia and Seattle is praying for us. They won’t stop.

Lorraine started their conversation.
“This is getting far more than scary.”
“Lorraine,” Tom said, “we can’t go back now. I think God is going to act, real soon, in ways we can’t possibly imagine. I think we’re going to see something big.”
“Like parting the Red Sea?” joked Ken.
Tom jumped in, “Careful, Ken, God may do just that, or at least something that looks like that to us.”


“And you are going to change this?”
“Nope. God will do it. He’s going to use the Holy Spirit to enable us to restore this nation.”
“God help you, Tom.”
“I sure hope so. Will you help us?”

(Speech by Mark Pearson, incoming American Presidential nominee)
“We each have our dreams. Yet, for each of us, the temptress calls, like the singing siren, and lulls us from taking any conscious action. We tend to avoid the pain of rejection, doubt, and disappointment and have numbed ourselves from the epic story of a life fully lived to which God calls us. To sleep through your dreams is to choose a life of restless nights and unfulfilled passions. I applaud the work of this small group that now challenges every one of us and yes, even the sleeping church. God’s invitation to each of us is to seize the divine, or kairosmoments, that are found in the needs of other people’s lives and to speak that moment into them, to encourage them to take hold of their own epic story, even as you take hold of your own moment.”1

 (From a speech to the Phoenix group by Mark, incoming US Presidential nominee, quoting a former Czech Premier)
”The danger to America is not President Mike Henderson [former President], but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Henderson presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Henderson, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Mike was just a willing puppet with a personal agenda. He knows nothing of how America has been forged or what patriotism is. Nothing. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Mike Henderson, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who elected him as President.2

Book 1 of the series is out now as Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero.. Order from Amazon.com or see:

Great gift for a friend! Only $11.

Website: http://www.creatingnewworlds.org





The Fall of a Great Nation?

Many people refer to America as a democracy, perhaps the greatest democracy on earth. This is really not correct, as America is not an absolute democracy. America is really a constitutional republic.

An absolute democracy is a political system in which the majority enjoy absolute power through the use of democratic elections. Without the restraint of a constitution, the majority can vote to impose whatever they wish with minority opposition. In other words, the majority can vote to elect those who can deny the minority their God-given rights. Our founding fathers recognized the danger of this and chose the constitutional republic alternative. Thomas Jefferson referred to absolute democracy as elected despotism. The founding fathers did not fight for any absolute democracy government. They fought for a constitutional republic.

America a Democracy?

Constitutional Covention

A constitutional republic, in contrast, is a political system in which the head of state and other officials are elected by the people as representatives of the people. A reference system, or constitution, is written that establishes the absolutes against which decisions are made. Three branches of government are set up: executive, legislative, and judicial. These, in turn, work together to hold all three accountable to the constitution. The constitution, it turn, is written referencing some type of absolute standard. In America this was the Bible. It doesn’t mean all the founding fathers were Christians, it simply means the constitution was written to use the Bible as the reference standard. In Egypt, their constitution at the current time was written using the Sha’aria as a reference.

The founding fathers wisely used the constitutionally divided powers of the government to limit elected officials from imposing their tyranny on the people.

Unfortunately, today the elected officials have successfully manipulated those that elected them to create enough dependency for them to hold on-going power through democratically held elections. We have reached a point where almost every American is slave to the government.

We are currently living through the paramount form of elected despotism that our founders so presciently sought to forestall. At some point during the progressive era of the early 1900?s, elected officials began to deviate from the constitution in a dramatic fashion. At present, we find all of our founding principles under assault. Many prominent political leaders in both parties seek to destroy our free markets, infringe upon our personal liberties, and abrogate our social values. Unfortunately, they have accrued a high level of success. Moreover, they have prosecuted this revolution without firing a shot. Instead, they have used the soft edge of the sword of elected despotism.
Daniel Horowitz

In addition, many political leaders who say they are abiding by the Constitution and misinterpreting the Tenth Amendment to promote tyranny on a state level as well as the Federal level. This is particularly true of the blue states.

Pure democracy cannot subsist long nor be carried far into the departments of state. – it is subject to caprice and the madness of popular rage.
John Witherspoon

Article 4 section 4 of our Constitution guarantees each state a Republican form of government.

It is incumbent upon each of us to restore our Constitution as the supreme law of the land and that our God-give rights in the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, and not revoked. This involves particularly some courageous stands on the part of the churches , economic systems, and our education institutions particularly. In my church we spend a LOT of time teaching both kids and adults what you read here and what our founding fathers really did.

Toynbee, the famous historian, pointed out that 19 out of 21 civilization have died from within. They died not by conquests from without, but from within. He tells us that there were no bands playing or flags waving when these civilizations decayed. It happened slowly in the quiet and the dark when no one was aware of what was happening. In America this could happen within your generation.

What is God asking you to do about this?

Carl is creates websites to empower businesses,  organizations, and individuals for changing their world. Contact us for more info.

Vanderbilt University Boots a Christian Group


Vanderbilt Medical School Entrance - author: Dansan4444

Vanderbilt University has been getting a LOT of bad publicity lately on their decision to shut down a Christian small group of students that has been meeting on the campus. Citing a “separation of church and state” as the reason (the college is not even a government school), The university is illegally violating the principle of free speech that is part of the foundation of our Constitution.

I had a chance this weekend to talk with two of the medical students from Vanderblit, one of which was home for the holidays in Portland. The group has continued to meet and now meets off-campus. This is extremely bad publicity for the University. Poor educational leadersh8ip for the students.

At the same time in Washington our Dorky president is using your tax dollars to rebuild mosques in the Middle East and sending 20 F-16 military jets to Egypt, who has a Constitution based on the Shariah.

This post is not copyrighted – share it as you will on Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog and website. Write the University. Also let your Congressional representatives know about this and the other dorky stuff going on in Congress and by the President. Impeach, fire, and jail if they can’t follow the Constitution.

The Real Scoop on ObamaCare

Obama has created a new health system called Obamacare. The process, using an Executive order, was not legal or constitutional. Calling it a tax, as the Supreme Court did, doesn’t make it legal. If Romney decides to kill it on his first day of office, it would take an Executive Order (as Obama did to create it). That’s not constitutional. The Constitution defines how to change the Constitution, and that has been disregarded over and over again.

Here’s the new ObamaCare organization chart:
ObamaCare Organization Chart.

Information of the ObamaCare Chart

This post is NOT copyrighted. Blog and email it to your friends. It does look like, however, it would solve a lot of the unemployment problems. How you would pay for it, however, is another question. Obama has zero financial and management skills.

Then get your own website and blog to speak to those that follow you.

The Bible and the Constitution in America


Moses and the Supreme Court buildingAs you walk up the steps to the building which houses the U.. S Supreme Court you can see near the top of the building a row of the world’s law givers and each one is facing one in the middle who is facing forward with a full frontal view … is Moses and he is holding the Ten Commandments!




As you enter the Supreme Court courtroom, the two huge oak doors have the Ten Commandments engraved on each lower portion of each door.

Moses and the Law




As you sit inside the courtroom, you can see the wall, right above where the Supreme Court Judges sit, a display of the Ten Commandments!







The Bible


There are Bible verses etched in stone all over the Federal Buildings and Monuments in Washington , D.C.






James Madison
James Madison, the fourth president, known as ‘The Father of Our Constitution’ made the Following statement:

‘We have staked the whole of all our political Institutions upon the capacity of mankind for Self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to The Ten Commandments of God.’


Every session of Congress begins with a prayer by a paid preacher, whose salary has been paid by the taxpayer since 1777.



Fifty-two of the 55 founders of the Constitution were members of the established Orthodox churches in the colonies..







Thomas Jefferson


Thomas Jefferson worried that the Courts would overstep their authority and instead of Interpreting the law would begin making law an oligarchy the rule of few over many.

Remember what this great country was Built on The Holy Bible and belief in GOD!

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
Thomas Jefferson

Focus your message and reach more people with it as well as getting rid of the noise from those pesky advertisers on a Facebook business page with a real web site. Learn more here.

Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution

The American ConstitutionSummary: There has been a progressive erosion of our Constitution by government leaders in all branches of our government. Hillsdale College is beginning a 10 week online course Constitution 101 The Meaning and History of the Constitution as a step in helping serious students learn how to restore what our early founders lived and died to give us. The college offering this course is a liberal arts college in the Midwest famous for its stand against government interference with its programs,its strong Christian values and teachings. By its refusal to take any government funding in any form, this college can maintain its total freedom from any government influence.

“I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012. “
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice, in an interview on Egyptian al-Hayat television

This is a judge that has sworn to uphold our constitution and has repeatedly failed to do that.
Massive failure is also there with the Executive and Legislative branches of the government.
Now on to this course on the Constitution:


Title: Constitution: The Meaning and History of the Constitution
Fee: Free, but with suggested donation of $50 a person
Structure: Ten 40 minute lectures, uploaded to the internet each Monday noon (see their Web site for more info)
Starting: February 20, 2012 with lectures remaining posted and online – listen any time after class date.


Pre-Course Introductory Materials

The American Mind
Larry P. Arnn
Monday, February 20

The Declaration of Independence
Thomas G. West
Monday, February 27

The Problem of Majority Tyranny
David Bobb
Monday, March 5

Separation of Powers: Preventing Tyranny
Kevin Portteus
Monday, March 12

Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government
Will Morrisey
Monday, March 19

Religion, Morality, and Property
David Bobb
Monday, March 26

Crisis of Constitutional Government
Will Morrisey
Monday, April 2

Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution
Kevin Portteus
Monday, April 9

The Progressive Rejection of the Founding
Ronald J. Pestritto
Monday, April 16

The Recovery of the Constitution
Larry P. Arnn
Monday, April 23

For more information and registration, go to: http://www.constitution.hillsdale.edu. Have patience when registering. There are already over 187,000 registered participants and the site is slow.

PS – If you are really a glutton for their good stuff, go to the main college site at hillsdale.edu and go to the online library. There you will find speeches given at the college by the men and women who have led America. You will see names like Powell, Reagan, and much more. A real treasure!

Essential Changes Needed in Washington – Part 1

Congress has an approval rating of 9% as I write this. For the latest number, see:

The same Rasmussenreports at this time shows 53% totally disapprove of how the President is handing his job and only 47% approve.

Disaster. Time to send all of them home even before the next election.

Time to changeFreddie Mac and Fannie Mae are running on a 170 billion subsidy of your tax dollars, and they then turned around and paid out 12 million of that to their executives as bonuses. Who is holding these people accountable for spending my money? (This is from Fox News, but the numbers vary depending on whether you are reading O’Reilly or other speakers, but they are all about the same.)

Solyndra got a government loan of over $500 million (that’s over half a billion) from the taxpayers and quickly went bankrupt. As we got closer to the November, 2010 election, the Administration panicked when Solyndra (seeing that their company was collapsing) planned to announce layoffs. The Administration urged them to hold off until after the election, and loaned them more money to do that (The Oregonian, 11/16/2011, p. A2). That is politics, corrupt politics. Where did all the money go and what was the political back-scratching in this? Who is being held accountable for spending MY money like this?

Bank of America got help from the government with loans, but is letting 30,000 workers go. They did, however, give $11 million in severance pay to Joe Price and Sallie Krawcheck. Who is holding those execs at Bank of America accountable for spending my money?

RooseveltThe government (that’s you, if you are a US taxpayer) loaned GM 50 billion (that’s billion) to get turned around when they were making Hummers – a useless car for the American consumer when the gas companies were sticking us for gasoline ($1.81 to almost $4 a gallon during the reign of Obama). GM had placement ads on CSI with the hero driving a Hummer around. Meanwhile, Toyota developed the hybrid car and had a hard time keeping up with the demand for awhile. That 50 billion we gave GM was for equity stock, so the taxpayers own GM. To break even, the government would have to sell 365 shares at a profit, putting the break-even point at $55 a share. Right now GM sells at $28.90 a share. That’s a loss of $11 billion of your money, and don’t expect it back any time soon. GM has lost a lot of brand value in this, and Ford is doing a better job without taking the government money. For more info, see:

You are also losing money with taxpayer loans to Chrysler, AIG, etc. and don’t expect to see that again or anyone held accountable. At least with the President and Congress we have now.

The government (that’s you, if you are a US taxpayer) loaned Goldman Sachs (more popularly known as Golden Sacks) several loans, one of which was $589 billion. Then, last January, they announced they were paying their employees $15.3 billion in bonuses (almost half-a – million per employee). They needed the money, they said, because “they were too big to fail”. Other banks, emulating the failed Golden Sacks, emulated that behavior to get loans and to paid bonuses. If they were too big to fail, the government should have broken them down to smaller banks. This was done with AT & T some years ago. Today, however, the executive and legislative branches of our government are owned by Wall Street and the corporations and the President and Congress are too wimpy to stand up for the taxpayer. The bonuses for this year will be announced January 20, 2012. Watch the numbers and the banks named when they are released – other banks will copy this. And who goes to prison? (This is from multiple Golden Sacks-related sites.)

Since these payments that these banks and corporations are all done with virtual money printed by the government, the value of each dollar in circulation is less. This is called inflation. More accurately, it’s a crime and forbidden by the US Constitution. (http://creatingnewworlds.org/2010/08/19/reform-1-demand-that-we-restore-the-broken-economic-system/ ) Gas went from $1.81 a gallon at the beginning of Obama’s rein and is now almost $4 a gallon (http://gasbuddy.com/gb_retail_price_chart.aspx). Parking at my school went from $3 a day last year to $4 a day this year. My business license went from $50 to $100 a year. The price of a tiny sack of Lay’s chips went from $.99 to $1.50 a few weeks ago (OK, it’s got a few more chips in it.). The government hasn’t increased the Social Security payments to account for inflation in two years, saying there has been no inflation. They lie. Next year the SS payments go up $38 a month. That is a joke.

And Social Security? This is currently set up as a pyramid scheme. Now, with the boomers retiring, in a few years the younger adults entering the workplace won’t paying enough to support the retiring boomers. Start by putting Congress on Social Security and Obamacare with no pensions.

Don’t give up – here are suggested strategies. (Don’t give up, it will take a few decades to clean out the junk that is there now. It took a long time for the system to crash.

Essential Changes Needed in Washington – Part 2

(This posting – and the next part -are not copyrighted. Please post a link here, however, as this is updated at times.)