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Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality

“For the revelation [vision] awaits an appointed time ,it speaks [as to kindle a fire] of the end [the Karios moment]. Though it linger, wait for it.it will certainly come and will not delay.” Hab. 2:3

get beyond illusion
Look at the Nehemiah story.  Those guys doing the spiritual mapping of Jerusalem were reporting to Nehemiah that there was no vision, no passion, no security, no leadership and that those chosen people there were in disgrace. Is that a picture of America today? So here this one man goes in and turns that completely around in 52 days. Really? Remember this “one man” first spent four months in prayer and fasting. For what was Nehemiah praying? There is no wall mentioned in that first chapter of Nehemiah. He wasn’t praying for a wall. For what was he praying?

Carl’s book. Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality, speaks into this change. Take a look at the Table of Contents, then order your copy from Amazon.com.



The Cali Story and the Transformation Video

One of the most fascinating videos produced – and many have watched – is the Transformations video produced in 1999 by the Sentinel Group and Global Net Productions. Millions have seen this video. Primarily birthed from the research of George Otis, Jr., the video took you to four cities where the power of the Holy Spirit had broken through, transforming the city in major ways.

One of these cities was Cali, Columbia. In the early 1990’s was the drug capital of the world, a center violence, corruption, and sin. The churches there seem powerless. Julio César Ruibal, a pastor who lived in Cali, led the pastors through prayer and commitment to see a real transformation in the city by the Holy Spirit that is documented in the video. Ruibal was eventually assassinated, but his martyrdom became the trigger that took the transformation process to the final breakthrough.

There is much to be learned from this and other transformation stories as the Holy Spirit moves in the world today. George Otis, Jr. has authored an entire book on what he has discovered is common to all of them. (Otis, George, Jr. . Informed Intercession.) This is a study of a collection of cities that have been transformed spiritually, politically, economically, and socially – and the factors that led to making it happen. You can buy it here.
Strategic Intercession

What did Otis discover? Transformation is born, always, in the hearts of the intercessors. It starts as a burden. And it generally – almost always – starts in the heart of one person. It IS very real and it is happening in many cities. We came very close in Portland of seeing this with the 1992 Billy Graham Crusade.