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Breaking Light – Birth of a Hero (Book1)


As America finds itself hurtling toward a major election in 2032, the country finds itself trapped in divisions, multiple demonic forces, and corruption. No white knight has emerged to bring unity in the election of the next President. Out of this rubble a small church deep in the Cascade wilderness of the The American Northwest leads the nation and plays a major role in destroying a network of dark forces to move a strong Christian leader to the new Presidency almost overnight. This  first book of this Breaking Light series, Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero, ends in November of 2032, as Mark Pearson celebrates with this wilderness church and others the win of the country’s Presidency.

This wilderness church, Sunodia, uses an online network of secure computers with church leaders across the world, called The Phoenix, to do most of their communications ministry. This Phoenix name refers both to their small core group as well as their larger electronic network of seriously committed churches. This network is calling the nation to repentance and the transformation of America.

Order the first book in the series now from Amazon or get info at: http://creatingnewworlds.org/breaking-light-the-birth-of-a-hero/



Restoring America -Carl Townsend

“Paralysis (masquerading as “confusion”) haunts every man when a looming decision will require a lot of us.”
John Eldredge

Restoring America

Founding Fathers

I want to see American restored. Like Nehemiah, I share a deep pain for my country (America) that has lost its way – no visioon, no passion, no leadership, no freedom, and no security. It hurts. There is a deep, deep burden there to see the America again for which those early forefathers bought with, sometimes, their lives.

In this lostness I see two churches. One is a church that tries to adapt to a dying culture and paradigm. This church, as in Germany before World War II, is experiencing a slow death in America. The members hardly recognize their dying and they continue to do what they’ve always done as the nation continues to fall, trying to adept to a failing culture. This is the cultural church.

The other is the confessional church. This Church sees there is a war, a spiritual war. They move to the front line, risking everything. Like Nehemiah, they take on the burden, the pain. We see Nehemiah praying and fasting for 40 days, asking God to forgive him and the nation. In World War II Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a part of this Church.

So I asked God what this meant for me.

I felt led to begin a multi-book Christian fictional novel that shows a path to national rebirth.

The story follows the strategies identified by George Otis (see his Informed Intercession: Transforming Your Community Through Spiritual Mapping and Strategic Prayer) where Otis found total transformation (spiritual, political, economic, healing, agricultural) had already started in certain cities and regions. The key components that were always there in each story included persevering leadership, fervent, united prayer, and often power encounters, diagnostic research and spiritual mapping. The basic problem today lies not with a particular person or political party, but rather is spiritual. There is a real war going on, and God calls you to be a part of it.

I started by defining some aspects of this story in the novel. In the first book of the series, the leadership is established.

The story is positive, uplifting, and exciting. You see hope and faith. The bad guys don’t stand a chance. God is in charge and this Church is committed to God’s authority.

  • The story has mystery, adventure, romance, risk, suspense.
  • It’s a heart story. Lots of hearts, romance, and love.
  • It is a VERY positive story full of hope and faith. The bad guys are out of the WH and Congress by the end of the first book. From that there is a lot of healing to do.
  • The conflict is real. We almost lose our protagonists at times. The actions of the bad guys, however, don’t dominate the story line. The story is driven from the characters and their relationships.
  • The story is biblically-based.
  • The plot line and story is believable. It is built from the stories of what God has done in my life and the lives of others. Sure, there are miracles, but no magic hat tricks.
  • Lots of music. Music is one of the only activities that activates, stimulates, and uses the entire brain. Book 2, in particular, has even more than Book 1. Dancers as well. It is no accident that Psalms is the longest book in the Bible.
  • There is overt and some direct evangelism in the story.
  • The story is highly mythic. The story begins with a lone young man striking out on a desolate wilderness trail to find a spiritual community he has heard about. The wilderness is not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual. In the second chapter there is a mist, a river, and more. All are mythic symbols. At the beginning our young man is frustrated, unable to change anything from his cultural church. In the second chapter he is frustrated, lost in a mist (another symbol), and has fallen on the ground and lying in the trail. He can hear the river (another symbol) and struggles to find the water he needs. It is at this point he meets the confessional Church.

You see all of these in Book 1. An early copy of my first chapter is online and free here. (The map in the chapter can be blown up on the PC using Shift-Ctrl buttons on the keyboard & mouse), the entire book is at Amazon.com. I’m working on Book 2 now. It is really fun.

Get involved – Let’s restore America

Book 1, Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero is already out and and can be ordered from Amazon.com:

Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero (PB)- $11.00 by Carl Townsend More information (“fiction”)
First book in a fictional novel series about what happens in America when then the Nehemiah strategies are applied.

Read the First Chapter Free

Here is Carl’s book on the Nehemiah story:

Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality – $18.86 by Carl Townsend (PB) (Non-fiction)
Carl in this book tells the story of Nehemiah. The nation was without vision, passion, or security.. Sounds like America today! He turned the nation completely around in 52 days. At the same time he faced internal and external warfare.

 What”s Next?

Carl is hard at work on Book 2 in the Breaking Light series. The working title is Breaking Light: The Healing of the Hearts. Don’t expect a lot of political games as the new President begins his term. He is far, far more interested in seeing healing and being a catalyst for healing. Lots more music. The President is shifting leadership to the people and making the government smaller and less visible. Also you will discover the back story of the first book made visible in Book 2.

Ferguson and the Church


South Africa The Good News

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hope it will kill your enemies.” Nelson Mandela.

Like many others in America, I weep as I see the effect of what happened and is happening in Ferguson and other violence (as sexual assaults on the campuses) issues as they sweep across the nation and the riots emerge in one city after another, including my own city of Portland Oregon. I don’t expect it to go away any time soon, as the basic causes till remain. I share a deep burden and pain for what is going in in America. There are many causes, but one of these is very important. There is a movement going on in our culture toward something call modernism, liberalism – it has many names. In this you define your own rules for your world view. There are no absolutes. The problem this is that their are, indeed, some absolutes. When someone tells me there are no absolutes, I tell them they have just contradicted themselves by making an absolute statement.  There are absolutes (see Amos 7:1ff). When America was founded, the wise men who led the nation then established the Constitution as our reference for legal and political decisions. The Constitution, in turn, was built on the Bible and philosophical principles birthed by the Protestant Reformation. When we refer to America as a Christian nation, it doesn’t mean we are Christians. We are saying we are built on the Judea-Christian principles. If you don’t like those rules, move somewhere else. A law court here, for example, will not judge by the Sharia. If you can’t honor out system, move to a country that honors what you want. Don’t try to change us. Obama, for example, has been a disaster as a President. He tries  to lead from his twisted Muslim faith and a narcissistic mentality among other things. He’s tried to throw out our Constitution (which he says is not valid anymore) and lead as a emperor or king from his own laws, even though on his inauguration he swore to uphold the Constitution. Congress, in refusing to hold him accountable, has also failed and running on their own laws, which vary among the leadership there. They have left the Constitution, which they swore to uphold as well. Then the police leave the rules of law. After awhile the people say they can do that, too, and they become ungovernable, as at Ferguson – with riots now at at lease a dozen cities. When this begins to happen, you no longer have a republican government. You have anarchy. There are many posts circulating on the Internet that Ferguson could be TIME’s “Man of the Year”. Makes sense. (It did get the #2 slot.) At a conference a few years ago with George Barna of Barna Research, He told us that in five years we would have either anarchy or revival. Looks like America has chosen anarchy. What does mean for me as a Christian and the Church? At the root of all this we are basically looking at a spiritual warfare. The enemy (Satan) is after the very hearts of men – your  heart. The anger, resentment, depression, hate – all of it – is part of the attack from the enemy. From what I see, most Christians don’t even know there is a war going on. In addition they don’t seem to know God calls them to be a part of the warfare. We enjoy our coffee-time before Sunday School, contemporary music, and non-threatening messages. Jesus was not meek and mild. He threw out the money-changers in the temple just days before his arrest and death. Do you know why? The temple was so busy with the money-changers and their corruption of what God was trying to do that the people who needed to be healed could not get in. The kids saw what Jesus was really trying to do and celebrated, praising God. Jesus led from a righteous indignation  and upset “what is. ” Where is the Church today?

Ed Silvoso, spiritual warfare

Ed Silvoso, Creative Commons

“The Church in the West today presents too easy a target for Satan.  We do not believe we are at war.  We do not know where the battleground is located, and, in spite of our weapons, they are neither loaded nor aimed at the right target.  We are unaware of how vulnerable we are.” Ed Silvoso

Barna also said at the conference that of the churches he has worked with, over 90% had no strategic and objective mission statement. As I began authoring my Breaking Light book series, I asked myself what would the Church look like here? You see the young protagonist striking out to find his manhood in this world of confusion. Can he find a Church that can call him out as warrior, hero, and leader in this culture? The Church that God leads him to is called The Phoenix  in the book doesn’t even have a mission statement. They have a mantra found in Luke 4:18-24. Then they send him out with a very bold assignment. They soon find themselves way over their heads with their lives at stake. Big adventure!! Book 1 of the series is out now as Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero.. Order from Amazon.com or see: http://creatingnewworlds.org/2014/08/06/breaking-light-birth-of-a-hero/ Great gift for a friend this Christmas! Only $10.

Website: http://www.creatingnewworlds.org

Two speeches – Heroes, Hearts, and Leadership

Breaking Light: Birth of a HeroSuppose you had to write a speech for the President of the United States that he will be giving. Assume this President is taking the reins after the failure of the last “president”. The man stepping into the Presidency now is a devout and committed Christian. What would write for him to say?

When I wrote my last book, Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero, in the story the next President of the United States steps to the stage twice and has to deliver two speeches. The first speech is to an inside group of committed Christians. The second speech is to America at large through the established media channels. What should be the content of each these speeches? Suppose you were writing each of these speeches, as I had to do, what would you say? The name of this guy of this guy in the story is easy for me to define. I named him  Mark Pearson in the book. Some tried to tell me this was a fantasy character. He isn’t. The first name is the same as a politician that didn’t live that long ago and worked in Congress from Oregon, Mark Hatfield. What is this Mark in the story going to say in these speeches today?

Now, here is the second question: What is the best political speech you have heard in your lifetime? Before going further reading this post, wrestle a bit with both questions a bit – maybe in your journal.

To prepare Mark’s  speeches for my book, I turned to searching the Internet. For many, people see the top speech of the last century was the speech given by Ronald Reagan to the world after the Challenger shuttle blew up shortly after its launch. You can find this speech an video at http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/ronaldreaganchallenger.htm. This famous Reagan speech was written for him by Peggy Noonan, a very well-know speech writer who was writing for Reagan at the time. She still writes today. My own “Mark” in my book faces a crisis even worse than the Challenger disaster as he prepares to step into the Presidency after another “President” has been leading the country down a dark, dark path. In my story, that evening at the reception before him sit members of an secluded, non-denomination church that doesn’t even have a mission statement. Only a mantra (Luke 4:18-22).  Mark’s political party is never identified, but there is really no competition for the job any more. Mark is hurled into it from what this band of Christians did, risking their own lives in doing it.

Just before Mark speaks, it is Tom, the “pastor” of this strange church, stands and thinks Mark for committing to the try for the Presidency. He thanks Mark for taking the physical risks of the pursuit, the financial risks, the time risks, and the times he had to spend away from his family. Mark turns to Tom, fire in his eyes, and says one of his most memorial lines that evening, “Tom, I had no choice. And neither does anyone else in this room.”

For the rest of Mark’s speech and his second speech to the media, you will need the book.

($10 paperback, or $3.99 for Kindle version)




The Hero – Every man has a battle he has to fight. Want to be a hero?

Resources for Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero

The battle every man faces
Eldredge wrote Waking the Dead, another major book relative to the themes that led to my writing the Breaking Light series. Both Eldredge books along with Captivating for women (written by Stasi and John Eldredge), and Carl’s “Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality” are non-fiction books. I wondered what would happen if someone really lived the heroes Eldredge projected. I took on that challenge with “fictional” Breaking Light:Birth of a Hero. It is a very wild fictional adventure set in 2032. Only it is not fiction and not 2032.

Be aware that when you are engaged in prayer and have a burden that God gives you, you are engaged in warfare. Few people are aware of the issue of prayer and its relationship to healing.  Few understand the dangers and power involved. In the name of Jesus you are taking authority and the power for the healing. That is the last thing the Enemy wants. The Enemy doesn’t even want you to know there is a war going on. These are the key resources we suggest for the journey.

Here are a few resources we suggest fo0r this. To save postage, order more than one. Catch Carl at church or about and he should have the latest book with him and maybe more.

Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero (PB)- $11.00 by Carl Townsend    More information

Wild at Heart (PB) -(for men) by John Eldredge
Wild at Heart – Field Manual – – for men (PB)

Captivating –  (for women) PB by Stasi and John Eldredge
Captivating – Field Manual –  – for women (PB)

Waking the Dead – by John Eldredge (PB
Waking the Dead – Field Manual – (PB)

Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality – by Carl Townsend  (PB)
Carl in this book tells the story of Nehemiah. The nation was without vision, passion, or security. Sounds like America today! He turned the nation completely around in 52 days. At the same time he faced internal and external warfare.



The Search for Leadership

In 2009 I authored a book Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality about leadership. I was really concerned about leadership in America, which seemed to be failing wherever you looked. Unfortunately, since then, it has only gotten worse.

To quote Chuck Colson (a leader himself), “America is committing suicide”.

get beyond illusionSo as we enter election time, we are promoting this book again. Here is the surprise: This isn’t a political book. The American political parties aren’t mentioned in the book, neither are any specific political names. The “thread” story here is that of Nehemiah in the Bible. At that time Israel was without vision, passion, or security.

Like America today. (PS – if you think America is secure think again. It reminds me of the Toynbee quote in which he said 21 of the 22 great civilizations were destroyed from within, not from without. During just the last few weeks it has been a theater shooting Aurora (Colorado), a massacre in Wisconsin, a shooting at the conservative think tank Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, and then a shooting at the A & M University in the news. And I can also name decisions that show moral and ethical failure by our so-called “leaders”. In contrast, Nehemiah led the Israelites through a major spiritual, physical, and emotional awakening in only 52 days. And he was constantly fighting enemies both within and without.

In this book you will see what Nehemiah did to lead that transformation. You will also meet other Biblical leaders as well as some contemporary leaders. You will also read about several (that’s right, several) spiritual awakenings that have happened in America. You will see what will it take for an awakening to happen again.

Take a look at the Table of Contents, then order your copy while we still have them in stock.

Need help getting your message out? Carl is a professional specialist in web site development, social media, authoring, and publishing. Why not contact Carl?

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