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Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality

“For the revelation [vision] awaits an appointed time ,it speaks [as to kindle a fire] of the end [the Karios moment]. Though it linger, wait for it.it will certainly come and will not delay.” Hab. 2:3

get beyond illusion
Look at the Nehemiah story.  Those guys doing the spiritual mapping of Jerusalem were reporting to Nehemiah that there was no vision, no passion, no security, no leadership and that those chosen people there were in disgrace. Is that a picture of America today? So here this one man goes in and turns that completely around in 52 days. Really? Remember this “one man” first spent four months in prayer and fasting. For what was Nehemiah praying? There is no wall mentioned in that first chapter of Nehemiah. He wasn’t praying for a wall. For what was he praying?

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Quotations from Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero (Book 1)

Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero - Creative Commons

Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero – Creative Commons

(Roger to Ken)
“In mythology, the Phoenix was a bird resembling an eagle that lived for 500 years and was periodically reborn. When it died, it rose again from its ashes more beautiful and more powerful. The Phoenix was subsequently adopted as a symbol in early Christianity. It can refer to the Church or an individual. The Phoenix is also used to refer to somebody or something beautiful or unique. There are leaders out there that define prophecy as calling forth the beauty of another person that God sees in that person; but that person may not be able to see that beauty in themselves until it is called out. Satan tries to keep us from seeing it. The reality is the person is unique in the eyes of God, created for a specific purpose even before they are born.”

(Melody to Ken)
“Now change the verse [Luke 4:18-22] and our mantra to reflect this Post-Resurrection state and put your name in there. This is the way John Eldredge puts it.”

“God has sent the Holy Spirit on a mission.
I have great news for you, Ken.
God has sent the Holy Spirit to restore and release something.
And that something is you, Ken.
The Holy Spirit is here to give you back your heart and set you free.”

(Tom to Ken)
“The biggest challenge for anyone on this earth is the rescue of the human heart. Starting with your own. No other creation has that passion. No other part of creation is created for and searches for that intimacy with God.”

The battle

Creative commons: Aragorn

(Tom to Ken)
“Ken”, Tom said, “The war is already launched. The question that haunts every man is where that battle is in his own life and the adventure to which that battle calls him.”

(Lorraine to Ken)
“Ken, I’ll tell you this about what you were researching today. I’ve lived here for many years and I don’t believe Frank Benson’s death was an accident. Don’t ask me to prove it or who is involved. I just know it wasn’t an accident.”

(Mrs. Benson to Ken)
“Ken, this area was once the center of the Cherokee Indian people group in America. Two centuries ago in 1838 legislation was signed that forced all the Cherokee Indians to move west of the Mississippi River into reservations. This was under Andrew Jackson’s Presidency, and some 15,000 Cherokees were forced to leave their home. About 4,000 Cherokees died on the march that eventually came to be known as the Trail of Tears.”
…Ken noticed that as she shared, it was as if a great pain and burden fell over her. The brilliant, twinkling eyes began to tear up. Then she quickly pulled herself together. For a brief moment Ken heard another voice. Beautiful. Then that voice was gone.
“I’m sorry,” she said.

Lorraine practically dragged him out of the library, down the steps to the mall, around the corner at the Edison Fountain and into the café. Back to that same table and she said, “Sit”.
“Look,” she said with her eyes flashing. “I believe God did something last night and we just don’t see it yet. God set us up. Something happened, we just don’t see it. There is an agenda in play. God’s agenda. Maybe it wasn’t the one we expected; but our job is to keep our eyes open and to do the best we can, praying for God to reveal His agenda. Remember those Israelites on the edge of their Promised Land? Only they could not see it. They missed the window of opportunity, or kairos moment God gave them and as a result were commanded to wait for the next generation to go in. Let’s pray on that now.”

“Another thing, Ken” Lorraine said, “You must learn to see with your heart. God is after your heart. Pray that God can help you to see with that heart.”

Finally, Don paused and gave a deep sigh. “Today, again, Crusaders must march to recover what was stolen from the Christians by the Muslims and others. This today, in many ways, is the First Crusade for us and the Church today. Those Crusaders made major mistakes at times. We must avoid those.”…
Lorraine asked a question. “What are we supposed to take back?”
Don turned to her. “The political system, the educational system, the health system, the judicial system, the financial system, the family, even the church as an institution2. They have all been stolen from us. Who do you see as a Crusader today?”

“I’ve got my purse. Tom, can I call Ginger and let her know we are all right?”
“No, Lorraine. None of us can call or contact anyone. When the news does get out about the car crashes, there will be people who care about you that will think you are dead. There will be obituaries in the newspapers and on television and the Internet, along with memorial services for you. And there’s not a thing you can do about it. Anyone you even try to contact will become a target. You will have to put aside, for now, any normal emotional response you may have about that. The only advantage we have right now is that the people who are trying to kill us probably think we’re dead and will quit, for the moment, chasing us. There is a consolation. The Church in Sunodia and Seattle is praying for us. They won’t stop.

Lorraine started their conversation.
“This is getting far more than scary.”
“Lorraine,” Tom said, “we can’t go back now. I think God is going to act, real soon, in ways we can’t possibly imagine. I think we’re going to see something big.”
“Like parting the Red Sea?” joked Ken.
Tom jumped in, “Careful, Ken, God may do just that, or at least something that looks like that to us.”


“And you are going to change this?”
“Nope. God will do it. He’s going to use the Holy Spirit to enable us to restore this nation.”
“God help you, Tom.”
“I sure hope so. Will you help us?”

(Speech by Mark Pearson, incoming American Presidential nominee)
“We each have our dreams. Yet, for each of us, the temptress calls, like the singing siren, and lulls us from taking any conscious action. We tend to avoid the pain of rejection, doubt, and disappointment and have numbed ourselves from the epic story of a life fully lived to which God calls us. To sleep through your dreams is to choose a life of restless nights and unfulfilled passions. I applaud the work of this small group that now challenges every one of us and yes, even the sleeping church. God’s invitation to each of us is to seize the divine, or kairosmoments, that are found in the needs of other people’s lives and to speak that moment into them, to encourage them to take hold of their own epic story, even as you take hold of your own moment.”1

 (From a speech to the Phoenix group by Mark, incoming US Presidential nominee, quoting a former Czech Premier)
”The danger to America is not President Mike Henderson [former President], but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Henderson presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Henderson, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Mike was just a willing puppet with a personal agenda. He knows nothing of how America has been forged or what patriotism is. Nothing. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Mike Henderson, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who elected him as President.2

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The Journey to Authentic Manhood – Part 1

I firmly believe the biggest problem in the Church today is the lack of authentic manhood. Actually, you don’t see a lot of real manhood anywhere. (The same is true for the lack of authentic women.)

Aragorn - the warrior, authentic manhood

Aragorn – the warrior, authentic manhood (Creative Commons)

Why is that true? The dictionary definition of manhood is the quality (such as strength, courage) that expected in a man setting him up to live a life of truth, passion, and courage. The problem with this definition is what are the core values we measure these qualities against? The guy that sits in the White House today and most of the Congresspeople have a very different set of core values than I do. Moreover, many cultural forces bang on us through television, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet to try to force us to serve their own corrupt core values. There appears to be no common myth serving our culture, a statement I first heard from late Joseph Campbell, the foremost authority on myths. To quote Dr. Lewis, the writer of The Quest for Authentic Manhood course, the definition of manhood `now is “confusion”.

“Paralysis (masquerading as “confusion”) haunts every man when a looming decision will require a lot of us.”
John Eldredge

Dr. Lewis says that “there is no clear vision of manhood today that is compelling to a man”. Young people have few real men to look to. And the list of the ones they can bond with is even smaller, often zero.

Once I met a guy who embraced the new “do your own thing” without realizing the deep captivity he was embracing.  He once told me, “There are no absolutes today.” I smiled back at him, “The statement you just made is an absolute. You contradicted yourself.” He really could not understand how he had contradicted himself.

In my Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero, we see the protagonist at this transition to manhood in his own life. He’s on a wilderness trail, lost, and confused about everything in his life. His “church” back home has sold out to the culture and he is in a physical, emotional, and spiritual wilderness, confused. In Chapter 2 he will meet Church and be thrown into a battle, an adventure, and a pursuit that will change his life forever and could even cost him his life.

dourage and authentic manhood

From Aragorn’s speech at the Black Gate Creative commons

There must, of course, be an absolute reference point for your values. Otherwise there are no laws, no order, no purpose. That is close to where America is today. When the founding fathers wrote our Constitution, they used the Bible as their reference point. They even made provisions for changing it if we needed to change it. Now the President and Congress has thrown out the Constitution, and we can see already what that leads to.

The best example of authentic manhood, of course, is Christ himself. At the start of his ministry He gave His own mantra:

“’The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.’ Then He closed the book, and gave it back to the attendant and sat down. And the eyes of all who were in the synagogue were fixed on Him. And He began to say to them, ‘Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.’”
Luke 4:18–22 NKJV

Jesus also made it plain that this authority is also gifted by the Spirit to all those who make Jesus Lord.  Instead, today in America today the church has gone in retreat and is running in defense. It needs to look at Ephesians 6, put on the defensive components, and then take authority using those offensive components: prayer and the Word of God. We already have the authority in Christ and the power.

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Book 1 of this series is out now: Breaking Light: Birth of a Hero. You can read the entire first chapter free from the menu of the order form.



Fixing Washington: debt, health, lies about lies, Obama



Senators and Representatives: You were elected to fix this, not buy it. As voters, we are holding you responsible.

You’ve got 12 months – until November, 2014. Better get cracking.

Remember, Speak, Act

God is in the business of redemption (Gen 1:26). We are created in God’s image. God is eager to reveal Himself to Man in the midst of his or her chaos. What does this verse mean?I am called to remember. This does not mean remembering where your keys are, but remembering your past. Every past event is right, as God gave it to you. To live in the present is to know(1) and understand. The problem with Adam in the garden is that he did not remember. Moses asked the Israelites to remember. The Hebrew word for “male” used in Gen. 1:27 means “the remembering one.” What a strange word to describe a man. It means we have a reason to remember. We are called to remember that God is faithful to His people and that He reveals Himself to us.I am called to speak. Unlike the secular creation accounts with their sex and violence, the biblical account of creation shows God bringing the world into existence by speaking. God spoke order into chaos. Man is called to speak order into chaos in the name of the Lord. Later, in Gen 4:26, we see men beginning to speak with God’s authority as it says men began to call upon the name of the Lord (Yahweh, a personal God).I am called to step into the chaos. Remember the Israelites had to step into the Jordan to get to their Promised Time or Place. Before then, Moses had to stand before Pharaoh – more than once – into his chaos. Jonathan had to stand alone before the well-armed Philistines with only a sword. Esther stepped before the King – the story repeats over and over again. Nehemiah stepped into the chaos when he returned to Jerusalem and say the people there with no purpose, vision, or security.In the story of the first temptation, Romans 5:12ff makes it clear that Adam sinned first, then Eve. Adam was with Eve at the time of the temptation (Gen. 3:6). Yet Adam did not remember the intimacy he had with God. In the Hebrew, it translates as Adam chose not to remember. Adam did not speak and was silent. Finally, Adam did not step into the chaos. For this reason we see Adam sinning before Eve ate the apple.Like Adam, we choose the tragedy. We face tragedy every day. Jesus comes in and doesn’t remove the tragedy, but redeems it.Satan says your story is over, give it up.The Gospel says tragedy is the beginning of the story.When my wife died after battling leukemia, I thought the story was over.God spoke – I was to go to the beach, rent a horse, and race it on the beach.God told me secrets on that day that I still am trying to hear and act on.The story wasn’t over.Which story are you living?(From notes from a message by Don Hudson. Also see The Silence of Adam: Men of Courage in a World of Chaos. Larry Crab, Don Hudson, etc.)1. The Hebrew word for know here is yada, and refers in Gen. 4:1, Jer. 29:11, Ex 13-17).From Carl’s book Beyond Illusion, Leading from Reality (copyright 2010 and available here.

Healing of the Hearts – Sample Chapter book 2

FireDancer - A step of faith

(Experiencing God’s Love – creative commons)

Healing of the Hearts