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On the battlefield

On the battlefield

carlanimWriting “fiction” is so much fun. Real world stuff, like the 5-yr old battery that died in my car and the car needing a new battery, is not fun. The folks at Shari’s gave me the jump I needed to get to the car place. All thanks to the staff a Tualatin’s Shari’s where I was copyproofing my book that day.

I’m now deep in developing the second book in the Breaking Light series: Breaking Light: Healing of the Hearts. The entire book series describes the restoring of the American Nation and opens in 2032. The first book ends with an outstanding Christian man as President (Mark Pearson) with the miraculous help of a small non-denominational “Phoenix” church based deep in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.

In this second book, we are using a new dynamic editing method. The first book was so interactively authored that even with four external edits we missed several issues. This time we installed Grammarly internal to our Microsoft Word, and it dynamically checks for contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style, vocabulary enhancement, tense (to minimize past tense), and plagiarism as I write. We still do eternal developmental editing and some level of human copyediting.

We did run into a major problem in development editing of the second book. That problem is fixed now and we are moving forward again. We have one heck-of-a-story now. Thanks to all who are helping. We should have the sample chapter for Book 2 back up soon. The book focus is on healing. Incidentally, the real-life Dr. Carson’s bus is named “Healng Hauler”.

Our main computer has been down all year until we have funds to fix or replace, and we’re doing the book on a laptop that was given to me. The laptop is new, and is demon-posessed. It does strange things at time, such as the cursor jumping suddenly to another place in the document or a paragraph disappearing for no reason. The estimated repair cost for the main computer is about $210. If more than that, we’d probably replace the computer.

Cheers and ever onward!
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