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Visioning and Journalling the New Year

Visioning and Journalling the New Year

Here are some dialog questions for your journal as you go into the New Year. I got these from Elizabeth O’Conner years ago and still journal them at the first of every year.

  1. How did the year begin?

  2. What were the events of the winter? spring? summer? fall?

  3. What took place in your home relations?

  4. What took place in your work relations?

  5. What took place in your church relations?

  6. What events in the larger community of your city, country, and world captured your attention?

  7. Who were the significant people in your life?

  8. What books instructed your mind and heart?

  9. What was the most important movie you saw? Why?

  10. Did you create anything this year? What?

  11. Did you make any new discoveries about yourself?

  12. How were you gift last year to a person, community, or institution?

  13. Who or what was gift to you?

  14. What was the greatest joy of the year? Greatest sorrow? Most disappointment? What caused you the most sadness?

  15. In what area of your life did you grow? Were those areas related to your joy or pain?

  16. What are your regrets? How would you do things differently you you could live the year again? What did you learn?

  17. Did you have a recurring dream or vision? What theme or themes ran through the year in this?

  18. Did you grow in your capacity to be a person in community, to bear your own burdens, or let others bear theirs?

  19. Did you have sufficient time apart with yourself?

  20. Did your roots your life firmly in the scriptures?

  21. Did you grow in your understanding of yourself?

  22. What was your most important insight?

  23. Did God seem near or far off?

  24. What do you feel is the message of the year?

  25. What do you think and feel God is saying to you?

  26. What are the tasks that the old year leaves to you?

  27. How can you increase your devotion and dedication?

  28. How do you want to create the New Year? What kind of commitment do you want to make to yourself? Your community? The oppressed people of the world (they are also in your community)?

  29. How do questions about spiritual commitment make you feel? (angry, challenged, hopeful)?

  30. Who are the people with whom you would like to deepen yor relationships with in the year ahead? Are you willing to take that risk?

  31. Do you have relationships that need to be healed?

  32. What can you do to heal your own heart?

  33. What can others to do assist in your healing?

  34. How can you ask God for what you need?

  35. How can you ask His people for what you need?

  36. Is there a special piece of inward work that you would like to accomplish?

  37. Is there a special piece of outward work that you would like to accomplish?

  38. What are the goals that seem important to you?

  39. What are your hopes? Your fears?

  40. What are the immediate steps you can take toward the goals that seem important to you?


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